Scaachi Koul v. Statistics Canada

“Some of the self-loathing is ingrained in you when you grow up in a white society,” Koul said from Toronto. “That’s how I grew up. I grew up in a white city, and I continue to live around white culture. Those things inform the way you feel about yourself. A manifestation of your white environment.”
–Scaachi Koul, Seattle Times, May 26, 2017.

Non-whites already make up almost half the residents of Greater Toronto. The working-age population of [the city] will expand to roughly 71 per cent non-white by 2036.
–Immigration and Diversity: Population Projections, Statistics Canada, 2017.

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3 comments on “Scaachi Koul v. Statistics Canada
  1. John says:

    Did Scaachi not grow up in Calgary?

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