“Canary in the coal mine”

The warning this week from the Chamber of Commerce that Canada’s climate-change plan and other measures are raising the cost of doing business in this country to breaking point is a canary in the coal mine, gasping from exposure to the toxic gases of too many taxes and too much regulation.
– John Ivison, National Post, July 26.

You can make (and I’ve made) the point that [Congressman Trey] Gowdy’s bluster has produced little in the way of tangible results, but think of him as a canary in the coal mine.
– Robert Laurie, Canada Free Press, July 26.

Some pundits have gone as far to claim that the crisis at Home Capital Group Inc.(TSX:HCG) is the canary in the coal mine, indicating that a housing bust is looming, and that it will be a catastrophe for Canada’s financial institutions.
– Matt Smith, The Motley Fool, June 18.

America needs adults in charge to fend off the infantile demands of the left-wing liberals promoting anarchy and the victim mentality of identity politics. American universities are the canary in the coal mine.
– Linda Goudsmit, Canada Free Press, May 31.

Fake news that circulated during the 2016 U.S. election is not a one-off problem, but rather a canary in a coal mine for a structural problem in our information ecosystem.
– Edward Greenspon and Taylor Owen, Globe and Mail, May 28.

It should be noted that while investors, regulators and the media have paid a great deal of attention on the woes of beleaguered alternative mortgage lender Home Capital Group and separately, the measures taken by various levels of government to cool down overheated housing markets, we cannot and do not make the simplistic and incorrect leap of logic that this must finally be the canary in the coal mine that foretells of the impending doom awaiting Canadian banks.
– Brian Madden, BNN, May 24.

We didn’t realize it was just the first funeral. That dad was just the canary in the coal mine.
– Michelle Brasier, Vice, May 17.

The rise of the working poor has become the proverbial canary in the coal mine, revealing the systemic damage that has been done to Canada’s once fair and balanced economy.
– Charlie Angus, Huffington Post, May 8.

Yes, digital, TV, radio and podcasts haven’t been hit as hard, but the newspaper industry is still sort of the canary in the coal mine (ironically) for media altogether.
– Brad Gagnon, Mississauga News, May 5.

With about $16 billion worth of mortgages on its books, Home Capital makes up less than one per cent of the total market, but many wonder if it may be the canary in the coal mine.
– Pete Evans, CBC, Apr. 29.

The largest non-bank lender of mortgages in Canada is in the midst of an unparalleled existential crisis, and some are wondering whether the lender’s troubles are the canary in the coal mine for a Canadian housing bubble.
– Daniel Tencer, Huffington Post, Apr. 28.

Addiction and all other later-life negative consequences to adverse early-life conditions are the canaries in the coal mine of compromised parenting due to a myriad of reasons that is intergenerationally being exponentially perpetuated.
– Alexander Polgar, Hamilton Spectator, Apr. 7.

Here’s the problem: [Andrew] Potter’s marginalization is precisely the kind that causes concern because it is what is known in social science as a least-likely case—that is to say, on account of his stature and status, Potter should be the type of person most insulated from sanction and the least likely to face repercussions. His resignation is therefore a canary in the coal mine that exposes deeper systemic problems that will affect women, people of colour, and Indigenous peoples.
– Amanda Bittner, Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant, and Erin Tolley, Maclean’s, Mar. 28.

These could be dismissed as isolated or anecdotal experiences except the raw numbers suggest, and I apologize for this badly mixed metaphor, the canary is doing a swan song in the immigration coal mine.
– Don Martin, CTV, Mar. 16.

WINNER: (TIE) Canada Free Press (2); Huffington Post (2).

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2 comments on ““Canary in the coal mine”
  1. OJM says:

    Have you done “black swan” yet? All the rage among bureaucrats and biz-skool prattlers.

  2. wolfkir says:

    “… a myriad of reasons that is intergenerationally being exponentially perpetuated”? Well, he used the singular correctly, but the rest of the sentence devolves exponentially into nonsense.

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