Dimitri Soudas’ Horseshows and Hairplugs

Oh, oh, another cock-up for Dimitri Soudas—and it couldn’t come at a worse possible time.

As reported in the gutter press last month, the former President Steve spokesliar has yet again shifted his shifty loyalties to the highest bidder. This time it’s Patrick Brown, Ontario PC head boy, to whom Soudas has been trying to attach himself like a lamprey eel.

“Dimitri will be volunteering his time…and providing campaign advice leading up to and during the election,” an anonymous Conservative party source told iPolitics (shurely not Dimitri hisself?!—ed.)

How unfortunate that at the very moment Dimitri was trying to reboard the Tory bandwagon, some of his associates were getting arrested on the other side of the world.

The Velcro-topped fabulist’s problem: His unerring talent for making bad choices. Take, for instance, the time he dumped his wife and kids for Eve Adams, the Tory MP whose hand he vowed to hold until he was “an old fart.”

Cutting the cheese was the least of Dimitri’s problems. When he meddled in Eve’s nomination in Oakville-Burlington North, he got fired as the party’s executive director. Eve defected to the Liberals, and with Dimitri at the helm, lost the nomination battle to Marco Mendicino in Eglinton-Lawrence in 2015. It all ended in tears, of course. Eve realized Dimitri was no longer of any use to her and gave him the bum’s rush.

But you can’t keep a good windbag down and Dimitri soon bobbed to the surface as “managing partner” of the Stampede Group, “international experts on issues management,” with world headquarters located in Dimitri’s bedroom in his house at 2371 Ennerdale Rd., Oakville.

In his Stampede Group bio, Dimitri cited a few bon mots sprinkled his way by Marcel Aubut, onetime president of the Canadian Olympic Committee and Dimitri’s former boss. Aubut lavishly praised the Greek stallion, saying he was “disappointed” when Dimitri left the COO to return to politics.

Why Dimitri would connect himself with Aubut is a mystery, since Marcel scarpered from the COC in a hail of bullets, after several women complained he’d sexually harassed them for years.

Among his other triumphs, Dimitri counts the World Equestrian Games, for whom he claimed to be Executive VP, in his bio. Yet a rummage through the games web page with search terms: “Soudas,” “Dimitri,” “Greek Stallion” or “Horseshit,” yielded zip.

Dimitri also brags about his gig on the board of the mysterious Canadian Nectar Products, the alleged PEI-based apple grower. The company had big plans, including a taxpayer-funded, five-acre apple and pear orchard near Charlottetown. Sadly, nothing materialized and Canadian Nectar’s phone and website soon vanished.

As for Dimitri’s more recent venture, Letho Resources Corp., the less said the better. The last time we looked, the junior mining company was trading at CA$0.14 on the TSX-V. Dimitri has registered as a lobbyist for the Vancouver-based firm.

Last and certainly least comes Cavalia upon whose board Dimitri claims to sit (no sign of him on their website either.)

He is however, a registered lobbyist for Cavalia in Ottawa. Who is Cavalia, you ask? A Cirque du Soleil with horses, the Montreal-based multi-media equestrian show tours North America to mixed reviews (“Waste of time…boring…monotonous…music terrible…too long intermission…I should get a refund.” —Docks 1702, TripAdviser, July 3, 2017).

The reviews in China were worse, particularly from the police in Beijing, who last month arrested members of Cavalia’s technical team for smoking weed.

Ultimately, two employees were deported and the show went on.

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4 comments on “Dimitri Soudas’ Horseshows and Hairplugs
  1. Papadoc says:

    Wynne should sleep soundly knowing Hairplugs is managing Brown’s campaign.

  2. OJM says:

    What does the future hold in store for our Hellenic hero? Sales Associate, Plumbing Fixtures, Home Depot? Sparta Souvlaki delivery hoplite? Professional sperm donor?

  3. Roland Beaulieu says:

    You are piling on a fine example of the Canadian political elite.

  4. Forbes Kennedy says:

    Return of the doll-head.

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