Shake A Leg, Mr. Trump–Guam’s Not Gonna Blow Up On Its Own!

If the Good Lord should strike me down with dropsy today, preferably after Jeopardy, at least I’ve lived long enough to see the free world raise up a steely-eyed ginger who can go rant-to-rant with the craziest of the Kim boys.

It’s just like the Portuguese say: May ya live in interestin’ times. And how, Pasquale!

But what are we waitin’ for, Christmas? I might not have that much time. And if the fake news is to believed neither does Don Trump.

We know North Korea has got its gaze set on the prize: Guam, the Jewel in the Crown!

Thank God Obama’s off getting’ his nails done and there’s a real man in charge for a change with fire and God knows what else in his belly.

In days like these it probably takes a snatch grabber to snatch victory from the jaws of communists, feminazis and other notorious losers.

Bet ya won’t hear that on CNN or The Weather Channel. No, they’ll just feed ya the same old lines that Mr. Trumps’ a loon or a mole or even a stooge. And not even a Moe or Larry, befittin’ his high office, but more a Shemp or Curly Joe.

So disrespectful!

I hope at the end of the day – that would be no later than tonight – everybody does the right thing and rallies ’round the President. I know what side I’m on, even if I can’t understand half the time what he’s talkin’ about, and neither does he.

Anyhow, I don’t know when the candle’s gettin’ lit or the balloon’s goin’ up or whatnot. All I know is it seems more like a Stan Kubrick movie every day, and I don’t mean Barry Lyndon, brother.

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One comment on “Shake A Leg, Mr. Trump–Guam’s Not Gonna Blow Up On Its Own!
  1. OJM says:

    I’m betting, post the nuclear apocalypso, life-on-Earth will be down to Dick, a few cockroaches and Keith Richards.

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