Brownstein does Mansbridge

Indeed, the story of his hiring is the stuff of legend — Canadian legend, anyway — and should be a source of inspiration for would-be broadcasters with big dreams.

Mansbridge jokingly denies the lyrics of the Bob Dylan classic Like a Rolling Stone are rumbling through his head:

“How does it feel, how does it feel?
To be without a home
Like a complete unknown, like a rolling stone”

“[I]t feels awfully different now,” says Mansbridge, who insists he’s sprawled out on a couch and sporting casual duds. “It’s quite a change. It was 49 years ago when I started at the CBC. I got hired at a little radio station in Churchill, Manitoba.”

And now he has embarked on a speaking tour of the land, one that takes him to Place des Arts on Oct. 30. The show is being billed as Peter Mansbridge: Live Coast to Coast — The Stories Behind the Stories.

“I won’t be spilling dirt on this tour,” he says. “We see a lot of things in our jobs over the years, and we don’t get to tell the whole story. Simply because there’s not room for that or it doesn’t really fit the issue we’re on about. Or it simply wouldn’t be appropriate.
–Montreal Gazette, Oct. 22, 2017.

That fluffer in full:

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7 comments on “Brownstein does Mansbridge
  1. OJM says:

    Cross-Country Slaphead…Live Coast to Coast with Canada’s Mr. Bingo.

    “Just because you lived on mooseburgers and KD for a year to afford the ticket, don’t expect me to tell you anything you don’t already know. Does Rex Murphy smell like bitumen? Who put the wire brush up Andrew Coyne’s ass? Who the hell does Chantal Hébert’s hair? Stuff like that. Listen, for decades I played this mildly bemused but ultimately insipid television character who, as a running gag, pretended to be a journalist. That somehow makes me interesting to you people. Who am I to question it? Go along to get along, eh?”

  2. daveS says:

    Fortunately the archive of olde news has The Tour video

    And captures hourly screenshots of the Gazoo web pages.

  3. gormab says:

    Bill Brownstein? He’s been with the Gazette since I was in grade school.

    He must be a century old by now. Or is this a byline that gets handed down from one reporter to the next, like some weird, generation-spanning Gazoo inside joke?

    • daveS says:

      Yes, you and he are that old.

      from Large Print Books site ReadHowYouWant

      “Bill Brownstein has been a columnist with the Montreal Gazette since 1983. He was a contributing writer to the bestselling book Montreal’s Century, published by the Gazette in 1999. He has written and produced two feature film documentaries & Skating on Thin Ice and Bill Lee: Profile of a Pitcher — and will soon be writing and producing a film drama about American comedian Bill Hicks.”

      He is also the co-author of the (appropriately titled) “You’re Not Dead until You’re Forgotten” a memoir of Jim Dunning.

  4. Nete Peedham says:

    ? Tried to follow the link; searched on Gazette site…couldn’t find it. Sensitive, maybe?

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