“Not a good look”

Even raising the idea of targeting discounts for poorly paid retail clerks is not a good look for a government that champions the “middle class.”
– Editorial, Toronto Star, Oct. 12.

And from the outside, it looked like a group of businessmen — and they were all men — shut themselves into offices deep within the concrete bunker, and voted to increase salaries at city hall while ratcheting taxes for everyone else. It was not a good look.
– Sarah Smellie, CBC, Sept. 28.

And remember, if you can convince him to stand down from his bully pulpit, maybe pontificate less and listen more (some people, as they age, start to talk at rather than to people, not a good look for anyone) you’ll not only be doing him a favour, by making him a more socially acceptable entity, but also everyone else in earshot.
– David Eddie, Globe and Mail, Sept. 14.

Yet taken as a whole, the response to his campaign from the political class seems to be that Singh should hang back in Brampton until the rest of the country—a country which prides itself on not being as despicably racist as America—has evolved enough to accept him. At a time when white nationalists have crawled out of the dirt to murder people in the streets, shoot up and firebomb mosques, and taint the office of the U.S. president, this is not a good look.
– Andray Domise, Maclean’s, Sept 11.

Paranoid nativism is certainly an option to keep the troops entertained, so to speak. It always has been. But it’s not a good look.
– Chris Selley, National Post, Aug. 11.

After all, “Our country is headed by a nuclear loose cannon, obsessed with the power at his disposal” is not a good look.
– Tabatha Southey, Globe and Mail, Aug. 11.

Girgensons has struggled since the 2014-15 campaign, and in his past 146 games has managed 14 goals and 34 points. His ice time has slipped to little more than 14 minutes per game. He’s been passed on the depth chart by Jack Eichel and Johan Larsson and, quite possibly, Evan Rodrigues and Jacob Josefson. It’s not a good look.
– Jared Clinton, The Hockey News, July 12.

By rights, many have observed, the NRA should be leading marches through the Twin Cities. Instead it’s saying and doing bugger all. Not a good look.
– Chris Selley, National Post, June 26.

But, yeah, loafing around a messy house watching sports while dropping empty bottles of Scotch on the floor in the middle of the afternoon on a workday? That is not a good look in a son-in-law.
– David Eddie, Globe and Mail, June 22.

You might be thinking, as I would if I were an Ontarian, that OLG also has money to protect. And you might be wondering if it is doing such a nifty job. Giving away $10-million worth of casino chips is not a good look for a public trust.
– Colby Cosh, National Post, June 19.

So while a country was losing its children as economic émigrés, Spain’s visiting footballers were getting fat off the country’s largesse. It was not a good look.
– Cathal Kelly, Globe and Mail, June 13.

In April 2017, the Fair Labor Association, a watchdog that grew out of the sweatshop scandals in the ’90s, issued a report disclosing that workers in a factory in China producing for a major supplier of Ivanka’s dresses and blouses put in close to 60 hours a week, and earned what works out to a little over $1 an hour (well below the average wage for urban Chinese manufacturing workers). Most employees also lacked health and maternity benefits — not a good look for an advocate of women in the workforce.
– Naomi Klein, Toronto Star, June 10.

WINNER: Globe and Mail – 4 (MVP: David Eddie-2)
RUNNER-UP: National Post -3 (MVP: Chris Selley-2)

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