Toronto Lite: The Drivel and Victoria Webster

These are tough times for Toronto Lite, the bible for TO pseuds and selfies.

Desperate to fill its Fall “Stylebook” edition with something/anything, the vacant fishwrap had to resort to fluffing former staffers. We speak of Victoria Webster, to whom TL devoted a two-page spread last month.

By happy coincidence, Victoria’s not only a former TL columnist, but also a comfortably numb member of the Websters, one of Canada’s most prominent families.

Struggling to get by on her meager inheritance, plucky Victoria has been reduced to wearing thousand dollar Guccis.

“I always have cold feet,” Victoria tells us in her TL spread, “But I love being barefoot. [Gucci mules] is a way to sort of be barefoot.”

When she’s not busy shopping for Louboutins in Rome or Barcelona, Victoria can be found beavering away on a New Age psychotherapy program at the renowned Institute of Core Energetics in New York.

Just imagine! Dr. Victoria Webster, psychotherapist!

As her first patient, Frank nominates her husband, Gabe Gonda (Franks passim).

The egotastic features editor at the Globe and Mail could without a doubt profit from a few sessions on the psycho couch.

Just ask the many former Globians who left the paper to escape the preening pranny’s reign of terror (Christina Vardanis, Kathryn Hayward, Maggie Wrobel, Danny Sinopoli, Deirdre Kelly et al).

Nurse, nurse!

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2 comments on “Toronto Lite: The Drivel and Victoria Webster
  1. daveS says:

    The Globe has features!?

  2. Nete Peedham says:

    More on Gabe Gonda, for those who need sugar on their treacle…

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