This Week in the Ottawa Petfinder

Leave ice rescues to the professionals: Fire department
While videos of pet and wildlife rescues go viral on social media, they can be dangerous for would-be heroes, the fire department warns.
“We strongly encourage animal lovers to call 911 rather than put themselves in harm’s way,” Ottawa Fire Services said in a release.
– Nov. 14

It’s a zoo out there! Traffic cop calls fowl, gets catty on fast movers
– Nov. 14

The internet’s favourite alpaca herd finds a new home
After two weeks of uncertainty about their futures, the alpacas that Ottawa-area hobby farmer Mike Caldwell posted on Kijiji for $250 have found a good home.
Five of the six — Lucy, Stormy, J-Lo, Rocky and Snowflake — are now in the care of Ruth Vanderlaan, who operates a petting zoo on her farm in Winchester Springs, a little less than an hour’s drive south of Ottawa.
Unfortunately, the sixth, Vinny, of an indeterminate age but by far the herd’s elder statesalpaca, didn’t live to meet Emoji the emu or any of the other animals at Vanderlaand: The Barnyard Zoo. He died last Friday, two days before the deal was struck and the move organized.
– Nov. 10.

Squirrel hunting may be coming to Quebec
– Nov. 10.

– Nov. 4.

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