“Unforced error”

I wonder how much discussion there was among the PM’s advisers about whether Superman was a good choice of costume…Did Katie Telford think it was edgily ironic and would go over big with the Libs’ young-professionals core? Did Gerald Butts worry grumpy conservative columnists would try to extend the news cycle on it or that potentially gettable NDP voters struggling to reach the middle class might be offended by the expensive production values? Or that shots and clips of PM-Superman, a gift to opposition ad writers for 2019, would be a serious unforced error?
– William Watson, National Post, Nov. 2.

The [Trudeau government is] making too many unforced errors and facing a much more challenging environment both at home and abroad.
– Editorial, Toronto Star, Oct. 12.

This is gold for the opposition — it links the government’s penchant for spending to a tax grab on small businesses and now store employees. It is a potentially costly unforced error by the Liberals.
– John Ivison, National Post, Oct. 10.

Scheer happened to make this unforced error on the very day Trudeau threw down the gauntlet to Boeing over its complaint to the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding Bombardier’s low-cost sale of the C Series to Delta Airlines.
– L. Ian Macdonald, iPolitics, Sept. 19.

The [B. C. Liberal] party’s priority should be to seek a new leader. Whoever succeeds will have the urgent challenge of keeping the coalition strong, and making sure there are no more unforced errors like the one we just watched.
– Mike Klassen, Huffington Post Canada, Sept. 13.

There’s a discernable pattern of unforced errors, lapses in judgment, self-harming secrecy and worse. Coming from a PMO that sees itself as Mensa’s gift to Ottawa, it’s more than a little puzzling.
– Editorial, Globe and Mail, June 19.

There are are some unforced errors in Douglas Paraschuk’s set design, too – repeated issues with sightlines from the opening tableaux onward.
– J. Kelly Nestruck, Globe and Mail, June 5.

Help would be the Liberals making unforced errors, looking disconnected from the priorities of Canadians or the Prime Minister himself making a mistake.
– Nik Nanos, Globe and Mail, May 23.

The controversy reeks of political expediency. Sajjan made the unforced error of claiming a greater role for himself, evidently because of politics.
– Dan Leger, Chronicle Herald, May 8.

That’s what makes Sajjan’s unforced error—his boasts of playing a key role in military operations that he was part of, but only in a support function—so tragic.
– Editorial, National Post, May 5.

The South Korean blunder reinforces lingering fears about Trump. Especially because it was an unforced error. What happens in an externally caused crisis?
– Charles Krauthammer, National Post, May 5.

Of course, #IamLinda might have become #IwasLinda more quickly had Ms. Clark and her campaign directors not compounded the situation with their own unforced error, accusing the aforementioned #Linda – one Linda Higgins, a retired social-worker assistant – of being an NDP plant sent to embarrass the candidate.
– Shachi Kurl, Globe and Mail, May 4.

WINNER (TIE): National Post (4); Globe and Mail (4)

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3 comments on ““Unforced error”
  1. OJM says:

    Metaphorically, what would be the opposite of a political “unforced error”? A sneaky little drop-shot that causes your shameless partisan opponents and their media accomplices to stumble face-first into the net? A vicious overhead smash that leaves the motherfuckers doubled over, clutching their collective groin?

  2. daveS says:

    Gawd, the terrible work you force your interns to do, scanning “unforced” clichés from the right-wing commentators in the Canadian press on Lexis/Nexis and Google+News. Have pity on them as they don’t have editors, certainly not rigourous ones, to clear up and invigorate their writings/scrawlings.

  3. wolfkir says:

    Er, what? Unforced error? Oh, I see, they mean “mistake”. But that sounds so, uh, normal.

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