The Udder Place: Senator Mercer’s Party Favours

‘Tis the season to be jolly, so we’re not surprised to hear that Terry Mercer has been leading red-nosed revels in the house of not-so-sober second thought.

The deputy leader of the Senate Liberals has a well-earned rep for throwing lavish Xmas parties, floated by barrels of booze purchased via Terry’s taxpayer-funded hospitality budget.

Mercer, it seems, has learned a few tricks from his colleague, Senator Colin Kenney. The ol’ horndog used to make runs to the LCBO to load up on wine and put it all on his hospitality tab. But he’d only serve the cheapest plonk at committee parties, stashing the vintage flagons for his own private guzzles.

Mercer, a perennial fixture among the Senate’s Top Ten Spenders, somehow manages to rack up hospitality expenses despite the fact he logs less time on the job than any other senator.

He led the senate in truancies in 2015-16, with a .333 attendance average, yet still found time to drop $10,536 in bogus expenses, which Justice Ian Binney’s enquiry obliged him to repay.

Poor Terry has been in a snit since Justin Trudeau kicked him, along with his senate chums, out of the Liberal caucus three years ago.

He’s been bitching about the government ever since, and makes life difficult for them by stalling on senate approval of government initiatives, like C-49, the passenger bill of rights.

None of this has gone unnoticed by party apparatchiks.

Last week, as Mercer knocked back another rum and coke at his Xmas bash, one wag remarked, “If it wasn’t for the Liberal government, he’d be under a bridge in Halifax.”

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8 comments on “The Udder Place: Senator Mercer’s Party Favours
  1. Patrick60 says:

    Alas, this syphilitic cesspool of cronyistic corruption will sop up our taxes until the end of days.

  2. wolfkir says:

    At least it gives employement to brewers and vintners and liquor store employees. Better than squandering the dosh on fancy foreign fandangos.

  3. OJM says:

    I’m guessing the incidence of intern-groping at these seasonal piss-ups is way down this year.

  4. Mikeonthebike says:

    WE need an elected Senate…this is such a farce…

  5. Alan Smithee says:

    Almost certain now that Mercer and Nancy “Crackers n’ Cold Camembert” Ruth had an illegimate love-child and called it Mike Duffy.

    Mercer claimed $3,452 to attend a 100th anniversary event at a Toronto curling club, prompting Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver to comment:

    “A man named Terry going to a curling club anniversary. Kudos Canada, you made this scandal more Canadian after I explicitly said that could not be done. Well-played. Well-played, Canada. This scandal could not be any more Canadian if public money was used to get Drake to drink maple syrup on Niagara Falls.”

    Yet the real kicker, according to Oliver, is that $23.6 million was spent to uncover $976,627 in problematic Senate spending.

    Trebles all ‘round!

  6. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    I’d been wondering what happened to Elwy Yost. Now I see he’s in the Senate wearing silly glasses and a hockey shirt.

  7. Mikeonthebike says:

    An elected Senate is logical but hey so is a trip to the Ahga (sp?) Khan

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