President’s Choice Part XXVI

These are happy days — and per diems — for Tom Clark, head of the Committee of Eminent Persons™, which for the past six months has been conducting a fruitless search for a new CBC president.


Under the baton of the former CTV/Global bingo caller, the nine-person quango has been obliged to extend the term of incumbent Corpse supremo Hubie Lacroix, until such time as Clark & Co. find his replacement.

That won’t be anytime soon. Clark just announced that his committee has pushed the deadline for applications to Jan. 29, which is great for Clark, since every day of prolonged futility puts an extra $1,200 per diem in Tom’s trou.

According to Tom, one reason his ace panel still wanders the wilderness is because they only just received the government clarification late in the game that “eligible Canadians residing anywhere in the world could be considered” for the job. Translation: It’s a shallow talent pool in Canada, we’re desperate, let’s rewrite the rules and open up the search to Canadians abroad.

That’s ill tidings for the likes of Glenn O’Farrell, current head of TFO, and Lisa DeWilde, TVO supremo the past 12 years. Unfortunately for O’Farrell, who’s been lobbying for the gig for years, he’s too old, too white and too well-connected to the Liberals. DeWilde is said not to play well with others and doesn’t speak French.

Instead, the committee has turned its attentions to a couple of potential candidates in L. A.


One is Sue Gardner, Ryerson grad, former CBC producer who ran before hiving off to head the Wikipedia Foundation. Alas, her parlez-vous is also marginal.

The other front-runner, Lorna Borenstein, founded fitness site Grokker and put in time with Yahoo, eBay, Hewlett-Packard and Peterson & Ross/Davidson et al.

She’s also a McGill law grad and married to David Lawee, the tech investment guru, which reportedly impressed the hell out of Clark. But at $1,200 per day of sober deliberation, there’s no need to rush a decision.

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2 comments on “President’s Choice Part XXVI
  1. OJM says:

    How about the trial-by-ordeal method? Build a window-less, sound-proof room. Equip it with a television that shows only a random selection of current CBC programs. Lock each candidate in the room for 48 hours. Anyone who emerges with their sanity intact automatically gets the job.

  2. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    Michael Ignatieff, come on down!

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