This Week in the Potfinder

Instant Pot versus traditional cooking: Which serves up the best taste? – Toronto Star, Jan. 23.

This butter chicken will be an instant favourite – New cookbook Instant Favourites includes the dishes that Instant Pot-loving friends say are perfect for the latest gadget. – Ibid.


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One comment on “This Week in the Potfinder
  1. OJM says:

    CBSA Officer: “Look, Mister, er, Been-lay-deen, I’ve seen every episode of ’24’…that looks like a miniaturized nuclear weapon…you can’t bring that into Canada.”

    Dude Wearing Shades and a Keffiyeh: “No, no…it is ‘Instant Pot’…I bring for my nephew, er, Bruce…he poor student in Van-coo-were…butter chicken so good.”

    CBSA Officer: “Oh, an Instant Pot…the Star says they’re awesome…alright then, I’ll let it slide…but I’ll still have to confiscate the Uzzi and the scimitar for the duration of your stay, sorry…have a good one.”

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