“A feature, not a bug”

“It’s always something,” [Brady Leman] said of the adversity that is baked into ski cross. But it is a feature, not a bug. – Scott Stinson, National Post, Feb. 21.

There’s one common trait to the stories of abuse in the #MeToo era, namely that this is not merely an excavation of bad behaviour by individual men; rather, it’s evidence of the systems that promote and protect them. It is power seeking to shield and perpetuate itself, over the rights of women to self-determination. This institutional butt-covering is a feature, not a bug. – Elizabeth Renzetti, Globe and Mail, Feb. 9.

That it’s a better deal for men is a feature of straight marriage, not a bug. – Drew Brown, Vice, Jan. 30.

Somewhere between guessing and guffawing is where StormFront wants you to be, but make no mistake—gassing is where they want this to end. There’s no ambiguity here. “This is obviously a ploy and I actually do want to gas [Jewish people, but that’s not the term he uses]. But that’s neither here nor there,” writes [neo-Nazi Andrew] Anglin, and such an extreme position—and once again, this is a feature not a bug—is sometimes discounted as near-self-parody. – Tabatha Southey, Maclean’s, Dec. 15.

The lower TPP content rule is a feature, not a bug — again, if freeing trade generally is your objective, rather than a Fortress North America that maintains free trade within its walls only at the expense of raising barriers to the outside world. – Andrew Coyne, National Post, Nov. 13.

Well, that’s how trade works: we pay someone else to cut carbon emissions because they can do it more cheaply than we can. For conservatives, this is a feature, not a bug. – David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen, Oct. 20.

A philosophy of on-the-spot compassion, rushing from crisis to crisis, means and must mean ad hoc, even arbitrary action in an ever-wider circle. The arbitrariness is a feature not a bug. And it leaves people feeling cheated. Rightly. To take the federal Liberals as an example… – John Robson, National Post, Oct. 10.

The ads on Crime Writers have become a feature not a bug and even generate regular groans and praise on social media. – Anne Brocklehurst, National Post, Aug. 18.

If people with less money have less nice stuff, from pancakes to computers, the obvious response would be to give them more money. Ideally your own, though taking from the rich seems for many leftists to be a feature not a bug. – John Robson, National Post, Aug. 9.

In a trade-liberalized world, nations produce those goods and services that it’s to their comparative advantage to produce, and import those goods and services for which it’s not. This naturally leads to trade surpluses in some sectors and deficits in others. That’s not a bug, it’s a feature of free trade, and it’s not a reality U.S. negotiators can just wave away. – Editorial, National Post, July 21.

WINNER: National Post – 6 (MVP: John Robson – 2)




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  1. OJM says:

    The motto of fleabag-hotel managers the world over.

  2. OJM says:

    Ms. Every-Sperm-Is-Sacred…spawn of Muldoon…Widder Flaherty…Doug Piranha…shaping up to be a great contest.

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