“Flies in the face of…”

His approach flies in the face of conventional wisdom in the grocery business right now. – Dianne Buckner, CBC, Apr. 14.

In a new video posted by TMZ on Thursday, a bedridden [Stan] Lee denied all accusations of elder abuse and financial exploitation — that flies in the face of his Feb. 13 declaration — and threatened legal action against any outlet reporting such allegations. – Cris Jancelewicz, Global, Apr. 13.

Older Canadians only exist in hidden fashion, acknowledged in ministerial title by their relationship to younger people (family) or their usefulness to society (community). This flies in the face of the growth of the senior population, the World Health Organization’s identification of aging as one of the most important trends in Canada and the world, and actions from other countries to prioritize seniors’ issues, like the recent appointment of a Minister for Loneliness in the U.K. or the establishment of the Office of the Ombudsman in Ireland. – Editorial, National Post, Apr. 6.

The new leader of Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives, who is now gunning to be premier, recently said he would support a free market for weed…This strategy flies in the face of what Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals want to do, which is run a tightly-controlled legal weed monopoly via the LCBO. – Manisha Krishnan, Vice, Mar. 28.

A Brantford, Ont., woman says the Canadian Forces has denied her application to join the reserves purely because she is transgender — a move that seemingly flies in the face of the military’s recent push to promote inclusivity within its ranks. – Adam Carter, CBC, Mar. 20.

The [Mali deployment] flies in the face of a warning from a joint doctrine note from the Canadian military that described any potential peacekeeping missions in Africa as having a “strong potential for significant negative impact” due to the volatility of the civil strife in the country and the preponderance of child soldiers. – David Krayden, Daily Caller, Mar. 17.

This tin-foil hat conspiracy theory, which has Indian agents bombing the plane to justify the majority Hindus oppression of the Sikh minority, flies in the face of all established evidence laid bare in at least two government reports. And Jagmeet Singh routinely lent it legitimacy up until this week. – Martin Patriquin, iPolitics, Mar. 16.

[Chani] Natt’s large Canadian following, and his open celebration of Khalistani war and terrorism flies in the face of claims made by Sikh activists. – Candice Malcolm, Toronto Sun, Mar. 16.

When I first saw a video of Katy Perry fawning over American Idol contestant Benjamin Glaze on my Facebook timeline this week, I scrolled on. But, when I saw the headlines about the non-consensual kiss, I went back and watched the full footage. It caused a scorching flame of rage inside of me.Katy Perry is a bully and a predator and this footage is clear harassment which flies in the face of #MeToo and should not have aired. – Andrea Montgomery, CHQR/Global, Mar. 15.

If you see suspicious activity, report it. But also be preventative, lock up everything from quads to trucks to tool sheds. It flies in the face of tradition and the openness of rural Alberta where you can leave your keys in a farm truck and hop in whenever you need it. This is, however, a new reality that needs to be embraced and a big part of the reason rural Albertans have been targeted so heavily. – Josh Aldrich, Camrose Canadian, Mar. 15.

Within six hours of Global News breaking the story, Trudeau’s Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities, Kirsty Duncan, was back-pedaling furiously, and claiming her government never had any intention of cutting off the funds. Unfortunately, this flies in the face of what the Trudeau government was telling its own MPs in a memo. – Mark Bonokoski, Toronto Sun, Mar. 12.

Trudeau’s accusations against India flies in the face of comments made by Sarai just days earlier on Indian TV. – Candice Malcolm, Toronto Sun, Mar. 2.

WINNER: Toronto Sun (3); No flies on: Candice Malcolm (2)


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3 comments on ““Flies in the face of…”
  1. OJM says:

    Winner? Lord of the Flies, shurely.

  2. Alan Smithee says:

    Close your flies and think of England!

  3. wolfkir says:

    The only things that heve ever flown into my face are mosquitoes and steam locomotive grits.

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