Jagmeet the in-laws! NDP leader’s fambly values

What the hell more do the nattering nabobs want from poor Jagmeet Singh? The NDP chief, after floating a succession of increasingly nuanced positions vis-a-vis Sikh separatist “martyrs” and the kills they’ve racked up (notably the Air India bombing), finally adopted a clear no-assassinations policy last month:

“Let’s make it really clear. I think it’s an important question. I condemn political violence absolutely, no question about that. It’s something that’s unacceptable. It divides people. It hurts people. It does not advance justice. It does not build a better society,” quoth Jags. “I have never attended an event where the goal was to advance political violence, nor would I ever. That’s not my response; that’s not my values. It’s not what I believe in.”

But was that good enough for the Jag-haters? Nooooooo. Detractors and oppo weasels have been creeping the social media postings of Jag’s family and intimates, sifting through for the merest suggestion of Khalistani sympathies.

What have they found? Er, in 2014, Jagmeet’s sister-in-law, Anupreet Kaur Sidhuretweeted — quelle horreur! — a commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Indian government’s 1984 raid on the Golden Temple and associated Hindu-Sikh bloodbaths.

And then there’s Anu’s fella, RajjanJay Dhaliwal, who runs SWAT Security Services, “the fastest-growing security company in Brampton.” The company handles everything from concerts to executive protection for our Minister of Badassery, Harjit Sajjan.

In December, confuzzled whiteboy media parsed Jay’s Instagram posts from Jagmeet’s pre-nuptial celebration with soulmate Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu, and whether it actually meant the happy couple was engaged.

Good thing the grunting jackals of the fourth estate didn’t check out Jay’s Facebook page (user name: KH4L1ST4N — geddit?!), where in November he shared a spoken-word video from BC real estate thingy Jas Kang. The poem graphically rehashes those gory sectarian clashes of 1984, and drops a few stanzas of veneration on the assassins of prime Minister Indira Ghandi:

Blood gushed out like flood water on the holy walkway around the Darbar Sahib.

This awoke some people’s sleeping conscience and some self-respecting valiants.

Such as the highly self-respecting brothers Beant Singh and Satwant Sing.

31st October

It was early morning

Supremo queen Ms. Indira had a plan to give an interview to some foreign channels.

All groomed and spruced up when the queen came out of her palace.

Two super courageous guys were already waiting for her.

When she stepped out of the car

She walked haughtily with her full complement of body guards after stepping out of her car

Upon seeing her Beant Singh and Santwant Singh’s eyes filled with tears of rage

They opened fire with their revolver and AK-47

Queen Indira collapsed to the grown like an axed tree.

And a poet said, “O’ silly lady!” if you weren’t so braggart, your story would have been made and screened worldwide.

And…scene! And what of it? Our Jaggsie has (gradually) renounced all political violence, a welcome addition to the NDP platform. Must he now also answer for the tribal enthusiasms of his family and friends?

Other media hacks may amuse themselves playing Sikh degrees of separation between Jagmeet and the Killers-for-Khalistan, but such cheap sophistry has no place in a family satirical biweekly.

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  1. rumleyfips says:

    This is terrible. Other than that old racist MacDonald and that Fenian McGee, name one other Canadian who supported genocide.

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