A fan’s notes

Er, shouldn’t that be “analistic?
…Black, a prolific and insightful historian, adopts the annalistic method in carefully tracing Trump’s earliest years in business through his various commercial misadventures, financial recoveries, and sometimes wild antics.
—Victor Davis Hanson, townhall.com, May 16, 2018.

“Desperate for a pardon”—is that the descriptor you’re searching for?
Black is neither a hagiographer nor an ankle-biter.

Hence the necessary self-delusion to appear in public with his Aristophanic ‘do
What made Trump different from his competitors? Likely, his cunning, his almost Thucydidean reading of human nature, and his sixth sense about timing and salesmanship. In Plutarchian fashion, Black focuses on Trump’s physicality, especially his boundless energy and his impatience with nuance and self-doubt….

And then you stiff ’em on their invoices
Black notes the Trump-hinterland synergy…. Trump assumed that even in the age of high techies and billionaire financiers, one can still not build a tower without the muscular labor of welders, cement layers, and glass installers.

Meet Donny and Conny, poster twins for overzealotry
Three final themes make Black’s book different. One, he writes at times from firsthand experience as one who has known—and liked—Trump as an acquaintance rather than as a partner or adversary…. Second, Black knows what it is liked to be targeted by an overzealous prosecutor….

And what, in the modern world, would be called the I-got-a thesaurus-for-my 12th-birthday style
Finally, Black is a singular prose stylist of what in the ancient world would be called the Asiatic, or florid and decorative, style—multisyllabic and sometime near archaic vocabulary, ornate imagery, melodic prose rhythms, diverse syntax, and classical tropes of deliberate understatement, juxtapositions of Latinate and Anglo-Saxon words, and plentiful metaphors and similes.

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    Victor’s nose seems to be stuck in Tubby’s bum.

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