“(Down the) rabbit hole”

It is easy for an average curious person (without mentioning any names) to slide down the rabbit hole known as the Daily Data Report.
–Ian Brown, Globe and Mail, May 4.

The unintended consequences of being cavalier comes with costs. For Canada, it began in last year’s winter of Trump discontent when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his mouth overtaking his brain, mistook himself for the Statue of Liberty — “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses” — and suddenly the back door into our country became a rabbit hole.
–Mark Bonokoski, Toronto Sun, Apr. 26.

Facebook is like the proverbial rabbit hole: easy to get lost in there, hard to find your way out. —Luisa D’Amato, Waterloo Region Record, Apr. 17.

In the 1951 animated film Alice in Wonderland, Alice was trying to find a party when she fell down the rabbit hole. Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that this has become the favourite cliché for people struggling to explain what it’s like to enter the disorienting world of Bitcoin…By all accounts, Bitcoin breeds obsession. And if you do find yourself tumbling down the rabbit hole of hype, you’ll quickly get the terrible feeling that what the rabbit told Alice was right: “I’m late.”…My experience falling down the blockchain rabbit hole for the first time in mid-December 2017 was an anxious, emotionally exhausting affair.
–Mark Mann, This Magazine, Apr. 16.

Star would never — never! — point you directly to the topless photos of Meghan Markle on the dark web, but they would maybe nudge you in the direction of perhaps going down an extremely licentious google rabbit hole.
–Tanis Fowler, Toronto Star, Apr. 15.

The twisting journey of the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion has taken its most bizarre turn yet. Straight down the rabbit hole…And we await “concrete” action from the player that really counts — Ottawa — as our journey down the rabbit hole continues.
–Graham Thomson, Edmonton Journal, Apr. 8.

When you’re already working long hours, you just can’t invest a lot of time going down deep into every potential rabbit hole.
–Maclean Kay, Victoria Times Colonist, Apr. 4.

With Gasp, [Seth] Graham stands at a crossroads, evoking influential modern composers such as Noah Creshevsky yet diving headfirst down a technological rabbit hole that belies the act of composition altogether.
–Bryon Hayes, Exclaim, Mar. 21.

As an architecture columnist with a particular passion for heritage buildings and adaptive reuse, I’ve turned to [Patricia] McHugh dozens of times during my 14 years at the Globe & Mail. And, after finding the address I’d needed to confirm, I’d usually (and willingly) let myself fall down her cheerful rabbit-hole for an hour or more…not for procrastination’s sake, but rather for the sheer optimism of her writing.
–Dave Leblanc, Canadian Architect, Mar. 20.

In fact, it’s expected that contributions to the technology fund through the new CCI system will be higher than they were under SGER. To understand why, we’ll have to look at how SGER worked — and how it didn’t. It’s nerdy stuff, but let’s go down the rabbit hole.
–Robson Fletcher and Brooks DeCillia, CBC News, Mar. 20.

Glenn was curious too and started to find more and more information on the tragedy that took Couture’s life. Then it became a search for Couture’s contemporaries, then her Red River ancestors, and on and on. Glenn’s trips down the rabbit hole grew into four years of research while shaping and forming the many stories into a manuscript…Even without a lot of the details of Caroline Prudence’s life as part of the social elite of the time, following the rabbit hole down through Prudence’s time period allowed Glenn to tell the story of Prudence going to a dance but being taken home when her father disapproved of her dancing the polka.
–Becky Zimmer, Humboldt Journal, Mar. 17.

For Derek and Francis Baars, it’s hopefully the end of a ridiculous journey down the rabbit hole that closed down their Hamilton foster home and jeopardized their ability to adopt half a country away. All because the devout Christian couple refused to lie to their foster children about the existence of the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.
–Michele Mandel, Toronto Sun, Mar. 7.

We know that the mind, if left to its own devices, will gravitate toward fear and worry with a negative focus on what’s not working. And if there’s no intervention, years of thinking this way can lead us down a pretty dark and dim rabbit hole.
–Jenny Kierstead, Halifax Chronicle Herald, Mar. 5.

There’s a wonderfully quirky and little-known information archive in downtown Winnipeg that predates Google and probably has more hidden secrets than the search engine giant. It’s a rich resource for researchers, a rabbit hole for history lovers and a trivia buff’s bonanza.
–Darren Bernhardt, CBC News, Mar. 4.

It’s supposed to be an oil pipeline, but these days, it’s looking more and more like a rabbit hole — and we seem to be falling deeper down it every day. – Graham Thomson, Edmonton Journal, Feb. 21.

Patrick Brown just threw a grenade into a rabbit hole.The Elections Ontario website has listed the Simcoe North MPP as a registered candidate in the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party leadership race. This confirms the validity of two stories published first by Simcoe.com this week, which said Brown was considering re-seeking the leadership.
–Chris Simon and Frank Matys, Barrie Advance, Feb. 16.

WINNER: Mark Mann, This Magazine (Trifecta!)

DISHONOURABLE MENTION: Graham Thomson, Edmonton Journal (2)


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3 comments on ““(Down the) rabbit hole”
  1. OJM says:

    “…I’d usually (and willingly) let myself fall down her cheerful rabbit-hole for an hour or more”

    Reads like P.G. Wodehouse in a randy mood.

  2. wolfkir says:

    D’Amato’s the only one who uses the cliche correctly. Bonkowski’s “back door into our country…” is the worst (and it far too suggestive for the staid Sun). The rest are merely inane.

  3. gormab says:

    “Winter of Trump discontent” … “mistook himself for the statue of liberty” …” back door became a rabbit hole.” How about a new category: Tortured metaphors, strained similes and idiotic analogies.

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