“We pay $1.5 billion a year in taxpayer money [to CBC], who so clearly are in campaign mode for Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax.

Clearly, the CBC is targeting the sizeabale lava-averse, volcanophobe demographic in a nefarious attempt to get Justin re-elected and steal your lunch money
The CBC says that global warming could cause volcanoes to explode. That’s not even fake news. It’s fiction. And it’s embarrassing that anyone would publish that, but it’s extra embarrassing, and troubling, that it would be said on the state broadcaster, to whom we pay $1.5 billion a year in taxpayer money, and who so clearly are in campaign mode for Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax. That’s really what this is about: Support Trudeau’s carbon tax, or the volcanoes will hurt you.
—Commander Ezra Lügenpants, therebel,media, May 24, 2018

Just a rookie mistake
Roseanne Barr made the mistake of thinking she’d be treated the same way a leftist elite would be treated after apologizing for her distasteful tweet about Valerie Jarrett. Call it the rookie move of someone who didn’t understand the power and hypocrisy of the leftist mob’s self-righteous fury. Instead of being forgiven or having her transgression ignored as has happened with many leftist elites, one of the most popular shows of the year was cancelled and she was fired!
—Ben Davies, therebel,media, May 30, 2018.

Goals like not dying from black lung or cancer
As I lace up my shoes to go for a run with United States Ambassador to Canada, Kelly Craft, I tell my bewildered children that if you don’t take every opportunity handed to you by the world, someone else will be grateful to have them…. Her childhood years were spent in Glasgow, Kentucky (population 4,000), the daughter of Dr. Guilfoyl, a veterinarian…. Early family life in Kentucky…provided many life lessons about humanity and generousity [sic]…. Ambassador Craft credits her grandmother, a farmer from southern Alabama, for her enduring Southern manners. “She taught us about gratitude, to never forget where you came from and the importance of thank you notes,” Craft recalls. “We learned from her that everyone has something to give, to put others first and help them to achieve their goals….”
—Chloe E. Girvan, ipolitics.ca, May 18, 2018.

Coal mining deaths surged in the U.S. in 2017, one year after they hit a record low…. In September, President Trump appointed retired coal company executive David Zatezalo as the new chief of the Mine Safety and Health Administration…. MSHA indicated it is reconsidering rules meant to protect underground miners from breathing coal and rock dust—the cause of black lung—and diesel exhaust, which can cause cancer.
—Reported by John Raby, Associated Press, Jan. 2, 2018.

Like those who respond to mine cave-ins
Ambassador Craft’s decision to accept her prestigious appointment, and move to Canada for the duration of the current president’s term, came down to timing and the pull of duty…. Service is important to Craft and she includes among her heroes those in the military and first responders.
—Girvan, op. cit.

And particularly too short in Kentucky
Motivation for her role comes from waking up each day with a fresh opportunity to make a difference in the world…. Ambassador Craft’s mornings include daily devotions and reading the news…. Seemingly unflappable in television interviews, the two things that will make the Ambassador angry are rudeness or witnessing the mistreatment of others. Always fighting for the poor and helpless, her only fear is letting anyone down or being unable to follow through on a promise. Laughter is sourced from everywhere. “I laugh at myself, and my husband and I make each other laugh. Life is too short to cry.”

In 13 counties across the U.S., Americans can now expect to die younger than their parents did. And the eight counties with the largest declines in life expectancy since 1980 are all in the state of Kentucky.
—Reported by Olga Khazan, theatlantic.com, May 8, 2018.


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