“I knew when I married Justin I would have to share him with the oil industry.”

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3 comments on ““I knew when I married Justin I would have to share him with the oil industry.”
  1. Bunyak says:

    I suppose if you say, “I’m going to Alberta to lay some pipe,” people can get the wrong impression.

  2. OJM says:

    I noticed Da Liddle Guy has got his deux sous in on the TMX controversy…

    “You know, we got many tons of da tar sand in Alberta, a lot more than da Canadians need, and so it is completely stupid if we don’t pump them up very fast to sell to the Chinese so dey can make more of da General Tao Chicken, which is what I always take when me and Aline go to Le Mandarin Bien Nourri. Dats why we need to build dis Trans Pacific pipeline, just like da Premier Nockley say. An’, sure, if dere’s a big spill d’huile on da BC beach some of dose otter dat live dere are gonna get full of tar sand and maybe have to go see the vet, but none of dose otter ever voted for me so I am not crying too much about dem, you know.”

  3. daveS says:

    OJM provided a partial transcript of
    “Trump and the Trans Mountain pipeline: What would Jean Chrétien do?:
    It would be silly not to take advantage of our natural resources, former PM tells CBC’s The Current”
    CBC Radio · May 31
    …”Now the 84 year old Chrétien is being profiled in a new two part documentary airing on the CBC documentary channel. The Man, the Story: Jean Chrétien in his Own Words – offers fresh insights into the man and his 40 year political career. Anna Maria Tremonti [AMT] I spoke with Jean Chretien yesterday. He was in our Montreal studio. Hello.

    Read more loose talk, and an awkward 30 minutes! transcript of more, and more…. zzz

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