“On life support”

The playoff dream is not dead, but it is getting close to being placed on life support now. TFC has now dropped four of its last five matches and won only once in its past eight to fall 11 points back of sixth-place Montreal. – Ryan Wolstat, Toronto Sun, July 15.

In a fractious Middle East, the dream of an independent Palestinian state — living peacefully beside the State of Israel — has been on life support for years, but it has miraculously endured. – Tony Burman, Toronto Star, June 29.

Previously, [Jagmeet] Singh addressed the issues of protecting jobs and workers when it came to NAFTA and is rightly concerned about what will happen. But NAFTA is on life support, the threat of a global trade war has never been stronger, America’s leader is behaving more like a despot then a president and we need solutions not silence. – Bill McQuarrie, CFJC Today Kamloops, June 12.

A Tory majority government might also be willing to lower the [official party status] threshold, for the cynical reason that if the Liberals simply cease to exist, Ontario’s progressive vote would likely coalesce around the NDP — and that would endanger the Tories’ re-election chances. So they might want to keep the Liberals on life support until the next election, in 2022. – John Michael McGrath, TVO, June 7.

That’s $17 billion that will not be going to mend an ailing health-care system already on life support, or put toward aging infrastructure or lower the outrageous cost of electricity, or give a much-needed tax break to Ontario’s middle class. – Mark Bonokoski, Toronto Sun, June 7.

ZTE ceased major operations and has been on life support since the seven-year ban was imposed in April on the company for breaking a 2017 agreement reached after it was caught illegally shipping goods to Iran and North Korea. – Karen Freifeld, Globe and Mail, June 5.

The Prime Minister decried trends toward “polarization and aggressive nationalism.” He deplored “tribal mindsets.” He could have equated Donald Trump with each. But he passed on the personal put-down, not naming him. It’s a good thing because now that the NAFTA renegotiation process is on life support, he is at Donald Trump’s mercy, as is Canada’s trading relationship. – Lawrence Martin, Globe and Mail, May 18.

There’s no sugar-coating this: with a 3-2 loss to the Vegas Golden Knights Friday night, the Winnipeg Jets’ electrifying Stanley Cup run this spring is, if not technically over, then very definitely on life support. – Paul Wiecek, Winnipeg Free Press, May 18.

Brutal, intense, and elegantly composed French filmmaker Coralie Fargeat’s debut feature Revenge breathes energy and depth into a dubious sub-genre of thriller that’s been on life support since the 1980s. – Andrew Parker, the Gate, May 10.

The Bloc has been on life support since Jack Layton’s NDP’s Orange Wave capsized the party, then led by Duceppe, in 2011. – Celine Cooper, Montreal Gazette, May 1.

The U.S. bull market is aging and the recent bout of volatility has many of us worried that this bull could be on life support as the bear gets ready to make a much-anticipated appearance. – Joey Frenette, The Motley Fool Canada, Apr. 29.

The MV Earl Winsor is taking a step toward the scrapyard. The Department of Transportation and Works has been keeping the former provincial fleet ferry on life support in Lewisporte, but that’s about to change. – Ashley Fitzpatrick, St. John’s Telegram, Apr. 21.

WINNER (TIE): Toronto Sun (2); Globe and Mail (2)

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