She Lives! Sex 101 with Jenni Byrne

As Doug Ford‘s regime squirms, discovering new, confusing feelings, over its plans for teaching the Ontario’s yout’ about sex, (Party like it’s 1998! No, 2014! Whatever, just keep our goat-farming minister of education incommunicado and on the move!) a hasty curriculum rewrite has been underway all week.

And wielding the blue pencil is none other than our old friend Jenni Byrne. Her job title is principal secretary to the preem, but damage control is her file. So she’s been ensconced on the 22nd floor at Ministry of Education world headquarters trying to pull together new marching orders for teachers six weeks before the buses roll again.

Childless, unless you count her tutelage of erstwhile legover Pierre Polievre, our Jen  does come equipped with a finely attuned sniffer for so-con sensitivities, as honed in the office of President Steve.

More recently, Jenni busted up Vince Gasparro’s marriage. Who he? The stickman former Liberal candidate is now co-chair of John Tory’s mayoral re-election campaign. He’s also the CEO of a Toronto ‘acquisition’ investment firm, with strong links to Stronach-land.

But we digress. What shall we call the body parts? No-noes or baddy-no-noes?  Masturbation? Let’s not and confess we did. Same-sexing? Pervs. Corgi-shaving? Certainly not before grade 12.

With 227 pages to rewrite, Jenni has had a busy week.

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10 comments on “She Lives! Sex 101 with Jenni Byrne
  1. Nete Peedham says:

    PPP…Public/Private Partnership? Pierre Polievre’s Poke?

  2. daveS says:

    She’s rewriting Korrikula!!
    That is a job for professional cut-and-pasters, not patsies.
    Korricula are not policy statements but principles of larnin’, like gravity and the sun going around the earth.
    Will she withstand the laughter when it is published without adult-rewrite-supervision.

    And what will happen when there are thousands of amateur lectures on the Intertubes?
    Will TVOntario have a Mother Superior Channel of Korrect Iknorance?

    So much for that summer job.

  3. rumleyfips says:

    Well she worked wonders with ‘ president for life ‘ Stevie’s campaign.

  4. OJM says:

    “A good, clean Conservative boy meets a good, clean Conservative girl, they get married, buy a big house in the 905 (after making sure the neighbourhood is free of pedophiles, Jihadis and progressives) and pretty soon God blesses them with a dozen good, clean, Conservative kids. The end.”

  5. Patrick60 says:

    Ms. Byrne may not actually be as depicted.

    • daveS says:

      This one looks like a Frank Frazetta art of the 1980s Vampirella, originally drawn by Trinna Robbins, of a being from Drakulon sent to police the earth.

      Jenni Byrne is not a police but the criminal. But if you see a little bat flittering around our Lord Dougaloo, Watch Out!

  6. SandyC says:

    Love the illustration. Delusions of grandeur must be the aphrodisiac because it certainly isn’t ethics or charm.

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