James Cooper Morton In: Men Who Love Too Many

In the wake of Hunter Tootoo’s sexcapades two years ago (Franks passim), celebrated legalist James Cooper Morton took to his podium in the Nunatsiaq News to lecture on the finer points of legover law.

(Readers will doubtless recall how Tootoo, then Liberal MP for Nunavut and Minister of Fish, hired the daughter of a local judge, with whom he was getting a leg over. The moist and garrulous minister soon found himself bridging the generations, unbeknownst to mother and daughter. Eventually they discovered the awful truth, and so, in due course, did the zero-tolerating PMO.)

Tootoo was barely under the bus when Morton starting tsk tsking from his News column:

“Sexual activity, when conducted in the context of mutual respect, is a very good thing. But, as we know all too well in Nunavut, sexual activity without consent is very wrong indeed. Unless there is consent, sexual activity is sexual assault; a very serious criminal offence.”

And then…


“Family law is already emotional enough. Going back to the days of looking for a ‘bad guy’ will just aggravate the situation. Yes, sometimes one party is blameless and the other a rat, but usually a bad relationship is a joint effort.”

Ah, yes, rats and joint efforts, subjects about which Morton, it turns out, knows plenty. This month he was charged with bigamy, procuring a feigned marriage to Jennifer Packwood, plus assorted other forgery-related accusations.

Morton allegedly was still married to his wife, Justice of the Peace Rhonda Shousterman, when he allegedly wed Jennifer, his law clerk, last spring.

He faces possible suspension of his licence by the Ontario Law Society, of which the talented dualist is a past president.


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