If There’s No Rest For The Wicked Then Ontario Elected Satan Himself!

Would ya get a load of that Dougie Ford? Good Lord, I never seen a portly man move so fast!

A lesser Ford, let’s say Mikey, would still be thumbin’ through the Staples catalog pickin’ out navy blue office doilies, but not our Doug. No sir, he’s a label an’ tags man on a mission!

I like how he’s grabbed the Toronto bull by the horns and hoisted it upon its own dilemma. That’ll teach its democratic ass!

If the downtown lefties don’t like the taste of their own reduce, reuse and recycle medicine applied to city government then that just makes it more fun for us normal Canadians to watch ’em gag on it.

Hypocrites, the lot. They say they’re all for women’s rights, but what about women’s alt-rights? I tell ya, they better jump on the Faith Goldy for Mayor bandwagon now before they’re compelled to by an order in council.

And at the very same time, like some kinda superhero outta the pages of a vintage Playboy, Doug’s takin’ the feds to court over the carbon tax boondoggle.

Don’t kid yourself; this could blow the lid off the whole climate change hoax and send Justin to jail with no chance of parole before he stops actin’ like such a trust-fund punk. Lock ’em up, preferably in Gitmo. I bet Donny Trump would be into it.

(Sure, growin’ up without a father would instill a sense of vengeance in little Hadrien Trudeau, but we can lock him up too when the time comes.)

Dougie’s not one to let the grass grow under his feet, especially not now it’s legal to sell it. An’ he’s not deterred neither by Rob’s widowed polack tryin’ to tuck in to what’s rightfully his by the law of the jungle, which as every court in the land knows takes precedence in north Etobicoke.

Why, he’s even takin’ on Big Poverty, by canceling that kooky Basic Income pilot program.

Don’t get me wrong, stupid. If Porter or WestJet can pay their pilots a livin’ wage then I’m all for it. But keep yer hand outta my pocket, fly boy!

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2 comments on “If There’s No Rest For The Wicked Then Ontario Elected Satan Himself!
  1. OJM says:

    Springtime for Dickler and company
    Doucheland is happy and gay!

  2. Serenitynow says:

    The next 4 years will cause Dick and his underlings – to rejoice in the methods that he once fought to overthrow. Sure he is a Dick – but he is our Dick, Doug.

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