Municipal Waste: The Loneliest Liberal

How refreshing to see Frank‘s middling-favourite nephew, Anthony Carricato, renouncing his past as a Liberal Little Shit™ in his principled, big-tent bid for city council.

“In my view, there’s no benefit to have parties influence our municipal campaign. It sullies the race and relationship btw already elected officials and future Councillors. I want to represent all residents, no matter their party affiliation,” quoth Carricato on his campaign Facebook page.

His post included a link to a shocking, just shocking, Ottawa Petfinder exposé of the party machinery running below the surface of Jimbo Watson‘s Ottawa. Take Carol Anne Meehan, the surplus CTV bingocaller, filing her nomination papers with inevitable Tory fartcatchers Heather Tessier and Mike Patton in tow, or the lambada of lizards in Carricato’s own Capital ward race:

“Partisan battle lines are clearly drawn in Capital ward, where incumbent David Chernushenko, a former Green Party member, is fighting for his political life against candidates backed by sitting politicians with two major parties. Christine McAllister has been endorsed by Liberal MP Catherine McKenna and Shawn Menard has support from NDP MPP Joel Harden.”

Tony’s candidacy, despite his own Liberal pedigree and day job as party-hearty “director of events” in the office of House Speaker Geoff Regan, did not rate a mention. No doubt for reasons of space.

The only member of Peter Milliken’s boy brigade to get the axe when Andrew Scheer took over as Speaker in 2011, Carricato struggled to maintain employment in cold-ass Tory Ottawa.

Luckier Lib cronies like ex-Justin Trudeau special assistant DG Stringer and Mathieu Gravel, refugee from Senator James Cowan‘s office, found safe haven in the office of Mayor Watson.

Tony first washed out at Andy Cardozo‘s Pearson Centre for Progressive Policy “think tank” and home for wayward Grits, though shurely not for moist and garrulous behaviour.

After Gravel snagged him a short-lived stint at Universities Canada, Tony turned to yet another Liberal sugar daddy, Environics weasel Greg MacEachern, for another wee earner until the party of Laurier regained its rightful possession of the federal pork barrel in 2015 and returned him to the Speaker’s office.

Nobody is suggesting, nor should they, that Tony’s new policy of pristine non-partisanship stems from his having used up all his available party favours, or the conspicuous number of his Liberal besties who are inexplicably sitting out his campaign.

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