There’s no way armed gangsters should be walking free without facing some form of carding.

I wouldn’t outghta ask that question if I were you, son
Just call that one Fordstock. It wasn’t as much a picnic as it was a rock concert. That wasn’t a stage area. It was a moshpit, 5,000 strong. It wasn’t a red carpet. It was a swarming — in a good way.
Standing up amongst the thousands on hand was not a politician but Ontario’s newest and biggest star. That star is none other than Premier Doug Ford. And this was Fordmania happening in Vaughan at this year’s Ford Fest. You don’t believe me?
—Joe Wormington, Toronto Sun, Sept. 23, 2018.

OK, maybe not Cruise, but definitely Elvis, ca. 1977
The electricity around this premier at his annual event was off-the-charts huge. When he got ready to come out and speak at 7:20 p.m., hundreds piled around the door with the phones out as if it were Tom Cruise in his heyday or Elvis.

In fact, he’d had a movement that very morning that was absolutely enormous
Even Premier Ford looked overwhelmed. Humble in his acceptable [sic] of how big he and his movement have become, he took a minute to ask the crowd to “say a prayer for the two Halton police officers…”

Except, of course, for those trying to survive on minimum wage
“We are here for the people and when we make a promise, we are gong [sic] to keep it,” Ford said. “We believe in customer service and putting money back in people’s pockets…”

Not that there’s a proven connection between the two
This Ford Nation crowd loves their premier. This night was not all politics, though. In addition to the 4,200 burgers, 2,800 hot dogs and 800 veggie burgers served, there was mingling among the crowd with Ontario’s “First Lady” Karla Ford and the premier’s nephew, Dougie, and niece Stephanie Ford. The kids of the late Mayor Rob Ford seemed to really be enjoying the excitement of this event, which in addition to being a crowning achievement for their uncle Doug, was also paying homage to their dad who died of cancer in 2016 and loved these types of events where he was the main attraction.

Whoa, has anyone alerted Bartlett’s yet?
“Joe would have to define carding for me” —Chief Mark Saunders to John Moore on Newstalk 1010
—Joe Wormington, Toronto Sun, Sept. 24, 2018.

Why, thanks to Wynne and Naqvi, Barry and Honey’s killers are still walking the streets, laughing!
My definition is the same as yours chief…! It’s intelligence gathering. It’s understanding neighbourhoods. Basic policing. Crime fighting. “The current definition is so broad, I never know where to start or end with it,” [said] Saunders…. “Whenever you are connecting with the criminal element, and having a conversation with them and investigating, that’s a good thing. That smart thing [sic] and that’s intelligence led.” He’s right. The problem is that’s not happening any more thanks to former premier Kathleen Wynne and her attorney general, Yasir Naqvi.

Politicians weak for not backing problematic quota system
The problem with carding was always the quotas. Officers were asked to card a certain number every shift which meant they were pulling over people randomly to meet that demand. Some were victimized and others exaggerated. But instead of backing police, weak politicians caved.

Same page, but what book? And what language is it in?
The chief said if my version of carding is “us stopping the criminal element that is not necessarily carding—because officers know why they are talking to them because they are related to, or part of, a street gang entity which involves violence” then that is police officers “doing their jobs.” …Turns out Chief Saunders and I are on same page on the definition of carding.

But wouldn’t it make more sense to actually arrest armed gangsters instead of just taking their particulars?
In a city in 2018 that has a troubling number of homicides and shootings, there’s no way armed gangsters should be walking free without facing some form of carding.

Dying is easy, comedy is hard
The chief knows the gangsters are laughing while carrying whenever the hell they want, wherever the hell they want. When tempers flare, out come the handguns….

After all, what possible incntive do people have to pay rent or a mortage when they can stay for free in a windowless shelter with 100 other people?
I can truly say the handling of this whole respite care/pre-fab/homeless shelter file is not only out of control but is probably one of the best definitions of insanity I’ve witnessed as of late.
The city’s latest street census won’t be out until November but the city’s housing officials, Mayor John Tory and council’s virtue-signallers keep reiterating that there is an “unprecedented increase” in the number of homeless in the city. But I believe, having studied the issue for more than 15 years, that if you build it, they will come. In other words, we’ve truly created a homeless industry in this city.
—Sue-Ann Levy, Toronto Sun, Sept. 19, 2018.

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  1. Papadoc says:

    Too bad about the 800 left-over veggie burgers at Fordfest.

  2. Patrick60 says:

    The Worm is giving slavish obsequious genitosouciance a bad name.

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