Ezra Derangement Syndrome #162: State Media? Moi?!

For those who say conservative comedy is an oxymoron, may we present Ezra Lügenpants, whose stand-up routine has the Angry Earl crowd foaming for more.

Granted, the little pisher’s comedy shtick comes with a proviso: He’s trying to be funny without being truthful. But that’s never bothered the Edman, who never wearies of repeating his evergreen side splitters: “Al Gore and David Suzuki walk into a bar in Benghazi…”

Or how about his newer material, like the one about Canadian mainstream media selling out to the Liberals in exchange for the government’s proposed $600 million media “slush fund?”

Justin Trudeau is buying Canadian news organizations,” says Ezra.

“Trudeau wants to turn Canada’s newspapers and private TV stations into little replicas of the CBC. He’s buying their loyalty.

“And every single media company in Canada is going to go along with this.

“Except us.” (Cue the donation begathon).

If this sounds familiar, that’s because, er, it is.

Just three years ago, Ezra was bitching about Walrus Magazine cashing in on its charitable status.

No mention, alas, about how the fiercely independent, can’t-be-bought Lügenpants himself accepted government money for his Western Standard magazine, which received $195,000 in postal subsidies from Heritage Canada, 2006-2007.

Question: The Western Standard ceased publishing/mailing subscriptions in October 2007, so what became of those government funds?

Over to you, Ezra!


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