Full Bore: Heard Hisses ex-Freeloader General

It took nearly 15 years, but Ray “You Can’t Polish A” Heard finally served it cold to former Governor-General Adrienne Clarkson.

News that Clarkson has been dipping into the government till to the tune of $2-million sent Ray off on a feces-flinging tantrum the likes of which haven’t been seen since his most recent cancellation of his Maclone’s subscription.

“Worst GG Ever…greedy egomaniac…former GG is a joke…lock her up…greedy…Clarkson has become a sick joke…lock her up!”, the former Bay Street bum lick and gasbag-at-large thundered on Twitter.

Why such animus toward Clarkson and her consort, John Ralston Purina?

Is it possible Ray’s still carrying a grudge because Clarkson once sued Ray’s wife, Gillian Cosgrove?

That would be the same G. Cosgrove who co-wrote with Ray a weekly National Post gossip column in which they fluffed their friends and slagged enemies and rivals.

Heard/Cosgrove got the gig thanks to their lifelong hatred for liberals, like Carolyn Parrish, the onetime Mississauga MP they routinely attacked as a “wingnut,” “up to bat for the lunatic left,” and “a Liberal loudmouth.”

Parrish finally had enough and when the next hatchet job came around, she responded with a $1.1-million lawsuit, prompting management to delete the Parrish criticism and order Cosgrove to lighten up.

Then there was Clarkson.

Rewind to 2004 and the Governor General’s awards at Rideau Hall. Tongues were wagging because vice-regal consort John Ralston Purina was MIA.

The official explanation for his absence was that he was busy writing yet another of his wildly successful doorstoppers.

But there was speculation that La Clarkson had taken an interest in all things circumpolar, particularly Iceland, whose ambassador to Canada at the time was Gudmundur Eiriksson, a dashing, silver-haired, silver-tongued chap, eager to debrief anyone curious about his country’s assets.

Born in Winnipeg, Eiriksson became a popular figure on the dip circuit and he and Clarkson were sighted tête-à-têting around town and taking in the Toronto Film Fest together.

It seems that His Excellency was totally smitten by La Adrienne, although the G-G was steadfast for her Purina.

But that’s not the way Head and Cosgrove reported the story. They claimed the attraction was mutual and quoted an “insider,” who alleged that Clarkson and Eiriksson had developed a “close friendship.”

Furious, Clarkson sued the Post and demanded a grovel. The paper complied, saying Cosgrove had permitted “fundamental errors and intentional misrepresentations” to taint her copy.

Within days, Cosgrove had been sacked and wound up in hospital with diverticulitis.

What goes ’round…

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One comment on “Full Bore: Heard Hisses ex-Freeloader General
  1. Nete Peedham says:

    If it’s the same one, @GillianCosgrove has her tweets “protected”. Such a delicate flower!
    Particularly when a business is…tah dah…Heard-Cosgrove Communications. It has no website.
    So, they are just part of Canada’s conservative welfare dole.

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