Separated at Birth

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5 comments on “Separated at Birth
  1. Nete Peedham says:

    Suppurate – ted?

  2. Sarwood says:

    Does McCluskey like Italian?

  3. daveS says:

    “Controversy is swirling over the Progressive Conservatives’ surprise appointment of a close friend of Premier Doug Ford to head the Ontario Provincial Police.
    Toronto Police Supt. Ron Taverner, 72, was rubber-stamped by Ford’s cabinet to be OPP commissioner last week.”

    Integrity watchdog urged to probe appointment of Ron Taverner as OPP commissioner. Taverner is a friend of the Ford family. Toronto Star Tues., Dec. 4, 2018

    ….Taverner, a 51-year police veteran, is a unit commander in charge of Etobicoke divisions and a close friend of the premier. He succeeds Vince Hawkes, 56, who retired earlier this year.
    …As a Toronto cop, Taverner made $178,968 last year while the OPP commissioner made $275,907. That’s an annual raise of almost $100,000.

    …Taverner was also close to the premier’s late brother, former Toronto mayor Rob Ford.
    …The veteran officer was a fixture at Ford family barbecues and routinely had informal breakfast meetings with both brothers.

  4. daveS says:

    I am not sure that the young’uns reading Frank know the Separated at Birth feature, where the pictures of the persons are transposed.

    And GawdDamit, The Godfather movie reference was:
    “Mark McCluskey was a corrupt Irish-American police captain in the service of the Tattaglia family and Virgil Sollozzo but he ostensibly worked for the Police Chief.”

    The Godfather (1) movie was in 1972, 45 years! ago!!

    Will young people even find the to get the reference?

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