Tubbidamus: The Midterm Edition

When we get to the first week in November, I think approximately the following events will occur. There will be a four-power agreement between the two Koreas, China, and the United States that the Korean peninsula will, as verified by believably rigorous inspection, be denuclearized and it will be agreed that the Peninsula will be reunified only by spontaneous consent between the two Koreas without outside influence. Kim Jong Un can claim this is a victory of legitimization, but the removal of the North Korean nuclear threat will be a clear victory for President Trump also. If the talks with North Korea do not produce such an outcome, the administration will achieve the denuclearization by direct air attacks at minimum cost in lives and without a land war, yielding no concessions at all to the North, so the agreement described is likely.
—Conrad, Lord Tubby, New York Sun, Apr. 3, 2018.

My prediction is that the president will conduct an unprecedentedly strenuous midterm campaign, the Republicans will gain six or seven senators and retain control of the House of Representatives, a number of…prominent Democrats…will be indicted, and the congressional Republicans, with refreshed leadership, will be energized to deal with the president’s program. The Democrats have sown, and Donald Trump shall reap.

“I think he’ll do fine in the midterms. It will be…a 20 million majority.”
—Conrad, Lord Tubby, on The Agenda with Steve Paiken, June 27, 2018.

“[I]t looks to me like Trump has done it carefully step by step—he’s taken chunks of the electorate, one after the other. He’s rising fairly steadily in the polls, and now he’s cracking the solidarity of the Democratic hold on the African American vote, and my impression is he’s going to pardon a great many people [ahem, ahem] and say look, all these first-time, non-violent offenders have been over-sentenced, and I’m releasing them. [W]e’ve got to stop this business of over-punishing people.”
—Conrad, Lord Tubby, thebridgehead.ca. July 6, 2018.

[P]eople are getting used to Trump. He is the president after all, and no sane person now imagines that he can be successfully impeached or can even claim that he is incompetent, no matter how unorthodox his methods, grating some of his foibles, and uncongenial many find some of his policy positions. The midterm elections, instead of intensifying the struggle between Trump and his opponents, will, I hesitantly suggest, entrench him to the next presidential election, enabling him to enact his program….
—Conrad, Lord Tubby, newsmax.com, Oct. 10, 2018.

As we enter the last two weeks of the midterm-election campaigns, the Democratic claims of a blue wave have given way to stark resignation that President Trump will add from two to five senators to the existing slender Republican majority, and that the House of Representatives will be a squeaker.
—Conrad, Lord Tubby, National Review, Oct. 24, 2018.

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6 comments on “Tubbidamus: The Midterm Edition
  1. daveS says:

    The New York Sun is still alive to publish Black’s meanderings?

  2. daveS says:

    Why are the quotes in Canadian media (The Agenda, TVO) so short?
    Is it because others were allowed to get a few dozen words in edgewise, and the others were all Solipsistic essays?

  3. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    Ahem, ahem, indeed. His most flagrant pardon-suck to date.

  4. wolfkir says:

    The man’s been using his brain for over 70 years, it’s getting to be kinda frazzled. I know whereof I speak, as I’ve used my brain even longer.

  5. Serenitynow says:

    Such puffery and libidinous engouements – abject phuckery of the highest order – more whisky sir; since no pardon will be granted.

  6. Serenitynow says:

    Also – I want the lampshade on that man’s head. It will match the decor of the grotto.

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