Weasel World: War Pigs at the Trough

Auditor General Michael Ferguson‘s latest bollocking of the Liberals for their misadventures in jet-shopping provided boffo earned media for countless arms industry reptiles, including my good friends at the braunnosing Canadian Global Affairs Institute (Franks passim).

“Lot of people had a hand in this,” the soi-dissant think tank’s David Perry told his constant biographer, Canadian Press typist Lee Berthiaume. “I think our fighter force is in trouble.”

The solution, as the CGAI never tires of informing, is to crank up defence spending to two per cent of GDP as demanded by President Trump, and buy some shiny new F35s from the good people at Lockheed Martin, proud sponsor of… the CGAI!

Chalk up another media hit for the ink-thirsty shills to brag about in next year’s annual report, as they did in this year, and indeed every year:

“In addition to hosting various events to directly engage with our target audience, the CGAI disseminates and promotes its publications via social media and traditional media channels. In recent years, the Institute’s presence in primary media channels has steadily grown. In 2017, CGAI fellows published 172 op-eds in online and print media outlets, conducted 491 online or print interviews, conducted 133 radio interviews and appeared in 162 television interviews. ”

No small number of interviews can be credited directly to CP’s Berthiaume, whose quotes from Perry for the wire service account for over 500 Infomart database hits since 2015. Other stalwart catchers of Perry’s spit include the CBC’s Murray Brewster, and Postmedia wind therapist Matt Fisher — until he retired and took a gig with…the CGAI!

The op-ed count is nicely padded with biweekly eyeglazers in the Globe and Mail by Colin Robertson, the CGAI’s Bowtie-Boy-in-chief and tireless cheerleader for that woofy $15-billion armored car deal with Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of the Bonesaws. Entirely coincidentally, General Dynamics Land Systems, manufacturer of the people-crushers, is yet another CGAI sponsor.

The CGAI’s sugar daddies, both overt and covert, get profuse thanks in the CGAI’s annual report:

“We could not continue to produce non-partisan, unbiased and independent analysis of public policy options if it were not for our donors’ generous contributions, and in-kind support through collaboration with our partners. In addition to the individuals and organizations listed below, we would like to extend our thanks to those donors who prefer to remain anonymous, and who have partnered with, and contributed to, the CGAI in 2017.”

Alas, despite the public-spirited support of General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, SNC Lavalin, IMAGOLD, TransAlta, et. al., the Institute closed out last year with an operating deficit of $311,447 (doubling 2016’s budget sinkhole of $145,613). All while slapping the Liberals around for their fiscal fecklessness.

Q: How does a brothel end up losing money in Ottawa?
A: With taxpayer assistance. Also listed among the CGAI’s valued supporters is…the Department of National Defence!

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2 comments on “Weasel World: War Pigs at the Trough
  1. daveS says:

    CGAI, Upstairs at 8 York Street, in Ottawa’s Byward Market area.
    The money comes in to the Calgary HQ at 421-7th Avenue SW, and the mail arrives as the York Street post drop.

    The MacDonald-Laurier Institute used to share the York Street mail slot, but has “moved” to 323 Chapel Street, Ottawa, near Sir Wilfred’s former Ottawa house. Perhaps they didn’t like the association, but are now in the Chapel Street “Mini-Office suites for rent” building that some may have noticed when going to the Embassy Terrace building across the street.

    See last year’s Frank story “Weasel World: Jacking Off at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute”

    Is Ottawa corralling all the nutters to the same enclave?

  2. wolfkir says:

    “We could not continue to produce non-partisan….” Self-satire is always a pleasure to observe.

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