Better Call Sal!

How utterly unsurprising to see my old pal Sal Badali (l) lending his inimitable expertise to the selection of  Ron Taverner as head of the OPP Dougstapo.

Taverner, a longtime friend of the Ford crime family, was among the first called when Scott McIntyre, boyfriend of Doug’s sister Kathy, inadvertently shot her in the face.  Taverner was also among first cut out of the loop when Toronto Police investigators quietly targeted Mayor RoFo and needed to maintain a little operational security.

Neither Taverner’s intimacies with the premier, nor humble rank nor real estate dealings with Deco Labels would stay him from his appointed plum, at least not after Sal and the gang at headhunting firm Odgers Berndtson drastically lowered the bar for applicants.

“Eliminating the rank requirement was done to broaden the potential pool of applicants,” Sal told iPolitics. “It turned out that over half the pool of applicants were not at the Deputy Chief level.”

So that’s all right, then, and may the best superintendent win! Our Sal has long experience with the indifferently-qualified, going back to his days as fartcatcher to Muldoon-era Defence Minister Perrin Beatty. (Sal would also briefly mastermind Perrin’s abortive run for the party leadership.)

After electors turfed him in ’93, Jean Crouton appointed Beatty head knob of the CBC in 1995. The oleaginous Badali, by then a partner with KPMG, was brought in once again to hold his hand. Sal’s consulting fee? A mere $30,000 a month, plus expenses.

It was also in Minister Beatty’s office that Sal became thick as thieves (shurely shome mishtake?!–ed.) with an ambitious ministerial shineboy by the name of John Baird.

In ’02, Beard, as Ontario Energy Minister, sole-sourced a contract to Sal, by now a rainmaker at Deloitte Consulting, to rejig the province’s electricity bills. As any Hydro One customer knows, it went just aces.

More recently, Beard took a break from his day job stroking Saudi Crown Prince Bonesaw for Barrick Gold, to pitch in on Premier Ford’s transition team, ensuring steady billables for the usual suspects, top men like Sal Badali.

And Odgers Berndtson has only just begun making Ontario great again. They’re currently holding casting calls for deputy ministers at Transportation, Infrastructure and Treasury Board. Frank looks forward to more fresh, independent, outside-the-c.v. thinking, unshackled by the dictates of stuffy and elitist credentialism.

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4 comments on “Better Call Sal!
  1. Patrick60 says:

    Historians will marvel at how easy it was to take over the Province and establish a Duplessiesque regime.

    • theodorestreet says:

      One of the juicy tidbits from Conrad Black’s biography of Maurice Duplessis was the fact that the premier was not a family man. Maurice preferred the company of prostitutes and this is where it gets sticky. So I won’t go much further.

      • theodorestreet says:

        I meant to add something about a side-firing dick. But mostly, if the whores at the fish and game club don’t kill you — perhaps the Reese’s Peanut Butter candies will!

  2. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    “Differently-qualified,” surely. Otherwise Frank could be accused mediocrity-shaming.

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