“grim reality”

The grim reality for marijuana stocks is that it’s probably going to take a number of quarters, even with rapid sales growth, before they’re profitable on an operating basis. – Sean Williams, The Motley Fool Canada, Nov. 20.

But football is a three-phase game and good things didn’t happen right away for the Riders’ offence, the team stumbled out of the gate at 1-2, and that grim reality came as a punch in the mouth for the defence. – Dan Barnes, Toronto Sun, Nov. 10.

The press censors of the Second World War realized the folly of the First. Wilfrid Eggleston, the chief English press censor and later, the founder of Carleton University’s journalism school, believed bad news stimulated people to fight. Canada had been protected from the grim reality of the First World War, and France’s brutal censorship before June of 1940 had allowed the French people to ignore the Nazi danger until it was too late. – Mark Bourrie, Maclean’s, Nov. 5.

While people failed to react quickly to the Flint crisis since it affected a primarily racialized community, PFAS might be expected, by that grim reality around race, to garner more worry, because they are being found in white communities, and has been detected in the Huron River, which runs through Ann Arbor, one of the state’s most affluent and liberal bastions. – David Macfarlane, Maclean’s, Nov. 1.

The grim reality of that 2011 hunting trip along B.C.’s Highway 16, where as many as 30 or more Indigenous women have disappeared, marked the beginning of the Moose Hide Campaign, a national, grassroots initiative that encourages men and boys, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, to take a stand against violence against women. – Blair Crawford, Ottawa Citizen, Oct. 22.

London city council is staring down a $228 million backlog in needed repairs to its public housing stock, a grim reality underlined by unsafe playgrounds cordoned off by caution tape at London and Middlesex Housing Corp. (LMHC) properties this summer. – Megan Stacey, London Free Press, Oct. 18.

Three days, three homicides. That’s the grim reality facing Winnipeg police as they reported yet another homicide on Tuesday, this one involving a 73-year-old man being assaulted in his community. – Timm Bruch, Global News, Sept. 25.

You have to laugh at [Suzette] Mayr’s fictional University of Inivea – caught, like almost every university in Canada, in a neoliberal competition for resources – otherwise you’ll just be horrified. Beneath the satiric veneer (in Inivea’s euphemism-laden admin-speak, recalcitrant professors are refreshed) is a grim reality: Mayr wrote this novel after noticing how many of her colleagues were being made literally sick by the demands of modern academia. – Jade Colbert, Globe and Mail, Sept. 19.

All of that is set against the grim reality of a country where 70 per cent of people rely on government rations; more than 40 per cent are considered undernourished. – Nathan VanderKlippe, Globe and Mail, Sept. 14.

One of those survivors, Theodore Fontaine, believes that educating young Canadians on the grim reality of the schools — while tough — is vital. – Timm Bruch, Global News, Sept. 10.

So, here we are. The last official weekend of summer. The entire country is doing as little as possible, tumbleweeds are rolling through empty offices, and email bounce backs are everywhere. As September, and the grim reality of school and work looms on the horizon, folks might be in need of a little last minute escapism. – Dorothy Woodend, the Tyee, Aug. 31.

Given this sequence of events, the wonder isn’t the Lions dropped a 24-21 decision to the Roughriders before a season-high crowd of 22,873. The wonder is they managed to make the final outcome close, but, for all their effort, there is a grim reality to their place in the standings. – Ed Willes, Vancouver Sun, Aug. 26.

Experts say it’s the grim reality of stretched services across the city and a high cost of living. – Cami Kepke, Global News, Aug. 17.

Those favouring liberty around guns will be quick to invoke the slippery slope argument in aid: If gun-ownership is restricted now, what precious liberty is next? But this argument is sleight of hand. The slippery slope is an illusion that distracts us from grim realities we do face by stoking fear of an imaginary alternative bogeyman. – David Butt, Globe and Mail, Aug. 15.

The grim reality is that Canadians spent the last 25 years binding their well-being to an increasingly lopsided economic relationship with the United States. At the same time Canada was becoming less consequential on the world stage and thus less important to U.S. geopolitical interests. Canada’s Cold War roles have gone and it hadn’t created new ones to replace them. – Paul Koring, iPolitics, Aug. 13.

Major car manufacturing countries — Canada included — faced a grim reality as officials met in Geneva this week: U.S. President Donald Trump’s car tariffs (should he follow through and impose them) may be worse than anything they’ve dealt with so far, no matter what they do in response or retaliation. – Janyce McGregor, CBC, Aug. 2.

WINNER (TIE): Globe and Mail (3); Global News (3)
RUNNER-UP: Maclean’s (2)
MVP: Timm “Grimm” Bruch, Global.

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  1. daveS says:

    And reality is not “grim”?

    Herr Dougaloo Ford is currently Premier of Ontario.


  2. wolfkir says:

    The grim reality is that what these writesr produce isn’t writing, it’s typing. (And yeah, I know that’s become a cliche too).

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