Who’s Zoomin’ Who? Raj Grewal Lobby Lizards

Readers of the working press could be forgiven for thinking that between running up millions in debt at the blackjack tables, wrangling government reception invites for his business associates and dabbling in Brampton real estate deals, erstwhile Liberal MP Raj Grewal (Ind.–Brampton East-Casino Royale) had little time left for the workaday tasks of a backbench parliamentary seat-moistener.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In addition to his tireless efforts on behalf of the electors of Brampton East, the honourable member also toiled until September on the finance committee, quizzing RCMP, CBSA and FINTRAC sluggos on the ins and outs of, er, money-laundering investigations — though not specifically those pertaining to high-rolling parliamentary gamblers.

In addition to all this yeoman public service, Raj also kept his door open to countless key stakeholders in the nation’s business, as represented by their duly-appointed lobbyists and braünnosers, the meetings scrupulously logged with the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada.

These records show that, in addition to the usual reptiles arse-creeping government backbenchers (Chicken Farmers of Canada, Unifor, cannabis company Leafly), Grewal on Oct. 3 enjoyed an assignation with Eric Li, president of Huawei Canada.

The much-misunderstood Chinese telecom giant, so often painted as a corporate espionage arm of the People’s Basic Dictatorship, sanction-buster,clear and present danger to cyber-security, woof, woof, quack, quack, needs every friendly ear it can get on Parliament Hill.

Huawei is aided in its charm offensive by the bipartisan brain trust of their VP, Corporate and Government Affairs, Scott Bradley (Liberal, ex-Bell Canada lobbyist and onetime ministerial fartcatcher to Diane Marleau) and Jake Enright, Director of Corporate Affairs (Tory, ex-spokeliar to Andrew Scheer).

The substance of the Grewal-Huawei summit is, alas, unknown, apart from its general subject matter, to wit: “Economic Development, Science and Technology, Telecommunications.” Frank is nonetheless confident the bilateral was time well spent by both parties, and of no undue concern to the honourable member’s ever-vigilant RCMP watchers.

Dealer’s Choice: Those Raj Grewal Lobby Lizards in Full (2018):

10/24/18 Omar Khan (Hill+Knowlton), Leafly

10/23/18 Lynne Hudson, Canadian Cancer Society

10/23/18 Jerry Dias, Unifor

10/16/18 Jim Cornelius, Canadian Foodgrains Bank

10/03/18 Eric Li, Huawei Technologies

10/02/18 Karen Cohen, Canadian Psychological Association

09/18/18 Marco D’Angelo, Canadian Urban Transit Association

05/29/18 Tim Klompmaker, Chicken Farmers of Canada

05/28/18 Darren Reeder, Banff & Lake Louise Hospitality Association

05/24/18 Jerry Dias, Unifor

04/24/18 Gerard McDonald, Engineers Canada

04/18/18 Susie Grynol, Hotel Association of Canada

04/13/18 Kevin Frey, Right to Play

03/01/18 Don Moors (Temple Scott) MasterCard Canada

03/01/18 Brian Lang, MasterCard Canada, ULC.

02/15/18 Michelle McLean (Hill+Knowlton), Boiron Canada (pharma)

02/06/18 Bill Daniels, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

02/06/18 Justine De Jaegher, Canadian Federation of Students

01/23/18 Howard Eng, Greater Toronto Airports Authority

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3 comments on “Who’s Zoomin’ Who? Raj Grewal Lobby Lizards
  1. daveS says:

    Ooh! Another Adam Scotti photo!!
    Knowing how many hangers-on went on the India trip, or were “in-town” at the same time, do we have a pulled back photo of the hundreds of hangers-on lining up to the side for the photo-op?

    After all, 100 out of 1.333 billion is only 0.0000746 percent of India, a small amount of supplicants.

  2. OJM says:

    “This one is me and Grewal standing in front of the Amritsar bus station, scoring some serious diversity karma with the samosa-munchers back home…hare Krishna, hare Rama, Harry Potter.”

  3. Stephen says:

    Casino Royale. Good one, made me laugh.

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