Ezra Derangement Syndrome #176: ‘Pish off!’ sez Supreme Court

Another legal faceplant for Ezra Lügenpants, who has tripped over his own jackboots on the steps of the Supreme Court.

The Rebel Commander, readers will recall, filed with the high court in January for leave to appeal devastating defeats in his defamation suits against Brendan DeMelle and Al Jazeera.

Both defendants, represented by Phil Tunley and Jennifer Saville, successfully argued, inter alia, that the repute of Ezra and his alt-right AV club was already so fercockt as to be impervious to further blackening — even by pointing out Rebel’s incidental popularity with the Christchurch mosque shooter, the Fredericton cop-killer, and other nativist nutterbutters (Franks passim).

By the time poor Ez’ lost the anti-SLAPP motions and whinged to the Ontario Court of Appeal — where he whiffed again — he had been saddled with $252,145 in costs.

The unanimous appeal court decision assessed Der Rebel’s reputation (“cannot be said to be unblemished”), the lack of evidence of damage to same, and (pas possible!) “a history of the appellants using litigation to silence critics.”

Alas, the Supremes were similarly unmoved by the plaint of their number one fan, who has so avidly covered their ongoing efforts to ruin Canada: “No penetration, no problem? Making sense of the Canadian Supreme Courts bestiality ruling;” “Supreme Court’s mandatory sentencing decision part of its ‘weak on crime’ agenda;” “Every radical social change in Canada in the past 30 years has been decided by nine unelected, unaccountable judg–(that’s enough pishing in the wind!!—ed).

Al-Ezra and Rebel News, their last avenue of appeal exhausted, now find that $252K in costs due forthwith, plus extras “in accordance with the tariff of fees and disbursements set out in Schedule B of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Canada.”

Such outrages would surely never be permitted if Bad Santa Russell Brown were still alive.

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