January 9, 2018

“Not that I’m in any way comparing myself to J.D. Salinger”

T. Rex Murphy, Warren Kinsella, Carly Lewis, Emma Teitel
January 8, 2018

“Eyes glaze over”

Don McPherson, Margaret Wente, Josh Freed, Jack Knox
January 3, 2018

The Ballad of Honey and Barry

January 1, 2018

This Week in the Ottawa Petfinder

December 30, 2017

The Twidiocy: Manny Montenegrino

Tory Twat Tweets Twaddle
December 26, 2017

Ezra Fluffer Alert!

December 17, 2017

Fake Noose!

Oh, My Achin' Paikin
December 13, 2017

Cliche-O-Matic: Canard

December 7, 2017

“Conservatives believe in the rule of law, it’s why you never see them riot. But leftists will riot at any opportunity….”

Ezra Lügenpants, Emma Teitel, Peter Kent, Mark Steyn, Paul Taylor, Vinay Menon
December 3, 2017

“The final nail in the coffin”

Vito Pilieci, Lorrie Goldstein, Rachel Aiello, Ivan Semeniuk

“The book is refreshing because it’s honest, holds nothing back and pulls no punches.”

November 30, 2017

Famous Bloviators School Master Class

How to fill space when you've got absolutely nothing original to say

“There were the ‘pussycats,’ protesting misogyny (a sentiment Trump has never expressed….)”

November 22, 2017

“Lest We Forget” is a saying for a reason.

Joe Wormington, Lawrence Solomon, Mark Steyn, John Robson, T. Rex Murphy