April 16, 2021

“In Texas, people have choices. In Ontario, we have an ever-changing set of rules and lockdowns.”

“What there isn’t are people.”

“There in ten short and plain words is the essence of all political campaigning.”

“We don’t know enough about climate change and the world’s temperature has not risen much in the last 30 years….”

April 15, 2021

Gelding the Lilley #57

April 6, 2021

“[T]here was not a scintilla of probative evidence that [President Trump] had done anything legally exceptionable at all.”

April 3, 2021

“A stacked panel of female leaders in the industry…”

“I bet you 100 shares of Pfizer Inc., that behind every vaccinated 70-year-old is a 30-year-old on an iPhone.”

April 2, 2021

“Perhaps, there is something [the victim] can tell police to help them catch this alleged killer.”

“Lorrie Goldstein, the very lighthouse beacon of all Canadian commentary.”

Llama drama!

March 19, 2021

“We need to strip public health doctors of some of their arbitrary powers to ensure we never live under a doctatorship again.”

“Canada is facing the challenge of responding effectively to the still-rising wave of self-loathing that is engulfing and distracting the whole Western world.”

“Mr. Blow, you should be ashamed of yourself. What’s next, I wonder. A hit job on Marge Simpson? I wouldn’t be surprised.”

“[H]ow long before criminals pretending to be cops are kicking down your door?”

March 5, 2021


As my COVID fatigue has gotten the better of me in recent weeks I started to say to myself, ‘What would Anne do…?’

The media—fawning, lazy and gullible—never pressed Cuomo on that….

March 4, 2021

“The last report was that the owl was doing well”

February 19, 2021

“Gorpcore is informed by an ethos rooted in contemporary concerns for the planet’s health and our own wellbeing.”

“Our blizzards can be real b—–ds!”

February 10, 2021

Prescott endorses leash laws, poop and scoop for cats!

February 8, 2021

Tarek Fatah

February 5, 2021

“Corky” Corcoran Special

“I interviewed Steve on the phone from the parking lot as we looked at him through the window of his room where he could see Tim Hortons, Harvey’s, Subway and Swiss Chalet….”

“Don Cherry is not going to be governor general. He’d just be too damn good for the job.”

“…and the U.S. government has acknowledged that my co-defendants and I should never have been charged”

February 4, 2021

Proud Boy McAnus: Braunshirt Braunnose

January 22, 2021

Jack Mintz

January 21, 2021

Nothing but the facts

January 20, 2021

“The leaders of the assault on the Capitol were professional hooligans and not core Trump supporters….”

January 10, 2021

“He Lost His Leg. Then He Went to a Taxidermist to Save It”

“History may be kinder to Mr. Trump.”

January 9, 2021

Twidiots: Leisure Suit Larry O’Brien

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