March 21, 2019

“Any suggestion that Trump’s narcissism approaches that of Obama is more than a stretch.”

Peter Foster, Warren Kinsella, Corky Corcoran, Scott Gilmore, Lorne "Two-gun" Gunter, Sheila Gunn Reid

“There is nothing ethically wrong with bribing officials in Libya, Kerala (a state in India), Bangladesh and elsewhere”

March 8, 2019


March 7, 2019

“Nobody alive today has a grandparent who was a slave. I think you reach a point where, you know, you need to move on.”

Mark Steyn, Michael Harris, Heather Mallick, Leah McLaren, Brian Lilley, Jordan Peterson

“Our universities are a mass of under-employed subversive faculty members churning out under-educated youth generally unqualified to earn a living.”

Featuring Jon Black
February 25, 2019

“didn’t get the memo”

Nick Taylor-Vaisey, Lori Ewing, Jim Vibert, Rob Carrick
February 22, 2019

“Admitted Toronto serial killer Bruce McArthur was addicted to killing”

“As you toss out mouldy cheese and slimy cold cuts, you probably aren’t thinking about prairie farmers struggling to feed their animals this winter”

“[N]o serious person is calling for violence, though the president has suggested that some of his hecklers could profit from a punch in the face.”

February 8, 2019


Ezra Levant, Toronto Star, Peel Regional Police.
February 7, 2019

“Icicles that depend on every politician’s heart find their winter brothers on the cold, stern, stone noses of gargoyles glaring from the House of Commons.”

Rex Murphy, Candice Malcolm, Mark Bonokoski, Mark Steyn, Barry Hertz, Barbara Kay
January 30, 2019

‘Man says emotional support alligator helps his depression’

January 27, 2019

The Twidiocy!

Maxime Bernier, Lisa MacLeod, Candice Malcolm, Zach Hyman
January 24, 2019

“President Trump has his lacunae, but he is an effective and courageous chief executive.”