Blogshite: Better Know a Troll

Imagine, if you will, a virtual world inhabited by a sad sack collection of social misfits and paranoid kooks; an assortment of grandstanding Tory creeps, with foreheads by dint of electrolysis, whose sole function in life is to condemn and punish non-believers.

Welcome to the alternative universe of Dean “BC Blue” Skoreyko and the Blogging Tories, a group of Ezra Levant acolytes whose Kaczynskiesque online ravings against the “Media Party” are the subject of much hilarity among journos.

In the real world, Deano’s psychotic Twitter outbursts, live from his parents’ basement in Summerland, BC, are vastly and deservedly ignored. But last week came his long-awaited moment in the Sun, after the gutter tab picked up on Dean’s “scoop” that Justin Trudeau had taken a “selfie” on his way into Jim Flaherty’s funeral.

Selfie? Yoo, hoo, Dean! The definition of “selfie” is a photo taken of oneself, by oneself. In this case, Trudeau was accosted by a passerby with an iPhone and politely posed for the two-shot. Rob Ford did the same. Other Tories also did interviews (in front of cameras, no less!) Even Sun News was obliged to shamefacedly backpedal as the yarn unraveled.

But, of course, this is all about Justine, who induces utter incontinence among the Tory troll brigade.

More from Skoreyko’s Trudeau expose files:

Another lie from Trudeau as Senator speaks at Liberal fundraiser
–February 27, 2014

Media Party runs cover for Trudeau’s star candidate abusing moving expense
–February 17, 2014

Trudeau misspells own son’s name two weeks ago and no one noticed?
–Mar. 13, 2014

And on it goes. Last week, the Toronto Star ran a photo of Justin that had been taken by Trudeau’s photographer. This triggered another Deano foamer about how the Star had crossed into “blatant unethical journalism.”

Ethics, is it now? This from a deadbeat who has spent the past six years ducking a small claims judgment against him.

Dean, who once achieved the impossible by getting kicked out of the BC Tories’ nutter party, borrowed $1,500 from Andrew Hawke of Coldstream, B.C., in 2008. Hawke has been trying to get the money back ever since.
Big-talking Deano gave his parents’ address for service — then sent his mom to answer the door when the notice arrived.


  1. Yikes. Catch the scary looking Reform psychos in the photo’s background: looks like intermission at the Zombie Jamboree. Brrrrr.

  2. More Harperjugend profiles, please! (Incidentally, did I detect a bit of Rod Serling in your opening sentence? Entirely appropriate, considering the gruesome subject matter.)

  3. Better not say anything about the Liberal Barbie Doll or the media will be all over you like a dirty shirt.

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