Wanker of the Week: Ezra Levant

Omigod, the Media Party has finally gotten to Ezra!
But this story is bigger than Trudeau…. It wasn’t until Sun Media “broke” the story… that it was grudgingly covered by other reporters. And even then, the Media Party did its best to minimize Trudeau’s gaffes…. Some journalists practically asked Trudeau out on a date.
—Ezra Levant, Sun Media, Nov. 25, 2012.

But it doesn’t matter how wrong Trudeau’s excuses are… And so is the pass given to him by the Media Party…. Are the media protecting their favourite candidate from himself?
—Levant, Nov. 3, 2013.

There are two parts to a Justin Trudeau story…. The first part is the gaffe…. But part two of any Trudeau gaffe is the Media Party’s clean-up of it…. See, it can’t be a scandal, if no one hears about it…. That’s the pattern: Trudeau gaffe, Media Party save.
—Levant, Nov. 10, 2013.

Justin Trudeau is an inexperienced, know-nothing…. But just as worrisome is a press gallery that overwhelmingly sees its role as covering up his scandals.
—Levant, Nov. 12, 2013.

A 2006 documentary by CBC investigators showed the mosque pushing vile Wahhabi propaganda on its members. The mosque believes in death for infidels and stoning for gays and adulterous women. The CBC showed the anti-Semitic propaganda that mosque was handing out to little Arab children…. This is the mosque that Trudeau went to campaign in, for votes. [T]he Al-Sunnah Al-Nabawiah has been in the news for more than a decade…. It has received international coverage, in PBS, the Associated Press, and in a half dozen Canadian newspapers for extremism, going back to the year 2000.
—Levant, Aug. 10, 2014.


    • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Ezra has some as yet undefined personality disorder that makes him the wanker he is. Plus his lack of intellect, his total disinterest in the facts and general bloody-mindedness.

  1. Hey Ezra! Arabs iz Semites too, yeh know.
    I guess the folks at the mosque like handing out stuff against themselves.

  2. His wanking attains a kind of grandeur…Ezra is the Napoleon of wankery…the Lord of the Wank…he wanks where no man has wanked before.

  3. It is so comforting to know that the bozos who own and run Sun media and could really hurt all of us are so clueless that they think Ezra is effective as their Rambo.

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