Stop the Presses: Along Came Jones…

Much soiling of undersilks in the John Tory campaign over Doug Ford’s last-minute, Frank-predicted sub-in for mayor.

Nobody was buying Dougie’s coyness on the issue as he waited out the final hours before the registration deadline. He’s seen as a horribly viable candidate -‎- no (recent) drugs, no booze, no police investigations or videos. He’s all the Ford Nation stupid you inexplicably love, but with half the calories.

DoFo couldn’t replace the stricken BroRoFo on the campaign, of course, but must embark on his own Ford campaign.

The DoFo campaign is a brand new one, so he gets the full $1.3 M spending limit—on top of the money RoFo spent already. (Rob, now your Ford in Ward 2 — sorry Mikey — is rumoured to be out of money. His only source is the family biz, Deco Labels, but he needs more, which has caused extreme aggro in Clan Ford.)

Meanwhile, Senior Tea Party people from New Jersey are already giving Doug advice. DoFo, of course, can fully finance his own campaign, as he has his own business interests in the U. S., separate from the family’s.

Team Tory is shitting masonry because they’re near the end of their campaign—and the spending limit—while DoFo is just getting started.

Meanwhile,‎ Big Left will be urging Olivia Chow to fall on her bicycle pump if Doug enters, in order to avoid vote-splitting and the privations of more Ford years.




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