k.d. lang scoop too hot for Global

Frank reports that k.d. lang is having a sizzling affair with Heather Edwards, wife of Calgary-based tar sands billionaire N. Murray Edwards, spread far and wide this week.

The New York Post and London’s Daily Mail led the foreign gutter press with the Frank scoop, while in Canada, Global Television blasted the story on its online news site Thursday morning.

But just as fast as Global popped the story on the web, it got zapped. One minute it’s there, the next, they go all 404. https://globalnews.ca/news/1570067/k-d-lang-linked-to-estranged-wife-of-alberta-billionaire-n-murray-edwards/

So what gives?

Shurely, Global flunkies weren’t ordered to spike the story by management out of concern they might upset the Shaw boys, Jim and Brad, who own Shaw Media and who belong to the same country clubs as the oil patch squillionaires in Calgary?
(Indeed, the tar sands propaganda division aka the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, is a big advertiser with the Shaw fambly’s media holdings, as is the Tory government, which also spends millions to promote oil, gas and pipeline companies).

So it just wouldn’t do for Shaw to upset their drinking buddies.

Ditto for the Calgary papers. Even though the Cowtown chattering classes have been buzzing for months about the lang-Edwards liaison, neither of the papers has uttered a peep. That would be the Herald and the Calgary Sun, that fiercely independent, we don’t bend-for-anybody trash tab, home of senior lesbian correspondent Ezra Levant.

But since N. Murray has friends in high places and money in deep pockets, and his Calgary Flames pump vital advertising dollars into both newspapers, they invoked that venerable principle of journalism, you don’t dish where you eat.


  1. Why can’t this billionaire get a god-damned decent hair cut. It looks like it’s been cut by a wedgie back swing.

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