k.d. you old d.o.g.!

One of the reasons I wouldn’t sleep with a man is because I wouldn’t feel equal, both in that I feel more spiritually advanced than men, and because society places men over women. How do you feel equal when you’re with a man?
–k.d. lang

Frank hears preposterous rumours from Calgary that multi billionaire N. Murray Edwards’ wife, Heather, has dumped him in favour of k. d. lang, the uppercase-deprived chanteuse and sushi enthusiast!

Money may not buy happiness, but what can it hurt? N. Murray, 55, has a net worth of an estimated $2.2 billion, putting him among the 20 richest men in Canada. He’s a self-made gas/oil magnate, with a huge stake in the Alberta tar sands and various mining companies. He’s also a philanthropist and co-owner of the Calgary Flames.k_d_lang_1990_01_01

All this and Heather bolted still from the family mansion to play for the other team—and we don’t mean the Edmonton Oilers.

N. Murray

Lang, of course, needs no introduction, but here’s one anyway: Singer/songwriter/producer/actress/playwright, she embraced her inner butch years ago and has ascended to iconic status in the gay community–unofficial ambassador and the epitome of lesbian chic.

Apparently k. d. and Heather aren’t making a secret of their torrid romance. They’re often seen together, dining out at Calgary’s swell eateries.

What prompted Heather to join the ladies who lunch is a mystery, but there is some speculation that her growing spiritual awareness clicked with k.d.’s.

Apparently Heather’s new interest in Buddhist studies was inspired by lang, who has been a Buddhist for decades.

Lang is actively involved with the American Foundation for Tibetan Cultural Preservation, a kids’ camp called Tools for Peace and she supports various other causes, environmental and otherwise.

Doubtless, all this fruity environmental claptrap is just one more sore point for N. Murray (“I got yer peace tools. Right here, baby!”)

Consider, for instance, that N. Murray is also a major investor in Imperial Metals, which, readers will recall, closed down after it was revealed to be the source of tailings pond effluent that poured into Hazeltine Creek near Williams Lake, B. C. last month.

Lang has had a string of companions over the years, including Julie Cypher, Leisha Hailey (who played Alice Pieszecki on the L-Word), and long term girlfriend Jamie Price. Their eight-year relationship ended in 2011.

Then there was the famous photo shoot for Vanity Fair that had Lang sprawled in a barber’s chair, with supermodel Cindy Crawford sitting astride her in a swimsuit and giving her a wet shave.vanityfair_inside

Asked by a male journalist what was going through her mind at the time, lang replied: “Pretty much what would have been going through yours in the same circumstance, I imagine.”

Heather’s history has been somewhat more conventional.


She met N. Murray in 2002, when she was director of communications for then Natural Resources Minister Herb Dhaliwal.

She moved to Calgary to live the life of the trophy wife and dabble in good works and writing (she was one of the editors on the 2005 publication Alberta: A State of Mind).

And now this.

Frank congratulates to the happy couple, and can only advise poor hurtin’ N. Murray to keep an eye on his dog and his truck!


    • Poor ol’ Dick, the author…all pouty ‘cuz Heather didn’t throw herself at him, I suppose?

  1. The affair between Heather Edwards and kd lang is not new news.They were seen together and in fact Heather was with lang when she greeted guests & fan groups after performances of After Midnight in NYC. From the look of it they had not recently met, but had been familiar for some time. Local NYC fans, and one would assume Broadway “co-workers” believing discretion to be the better part of valor turned the other way, especially as the reported time line of the ‘amicable split’ between Mr. and Mrs. Edwards seemed a bit off here. Money usually talks but in this case money buys silence. A good guess is that money shushed the whole thing up, then and now and kd lang being kd lang can do what she wants, I guess.
    Sincerely, been there and seen it in NYC, but would rather not say.

  2. Come to the fore again because of a long profile (2700 words) of Ms Lang in New York Times Style section, by Penelope Greenmarch, March 22, 2018.

  3. “Canada ‘refuses lesbian citizenship because her partner’s sister dumped billionaire for k.d. lang'” 4 September 2018.
    …The reason is Meg’s sister, Heather Edwards.”

  4. Well you just don’t know for sure. I think there may be more then just politics between Trump and Putin. They are doing a lot of smiling and nodding when in conversation, and we all know The Donald’s political style is political meaness. I think they may have fond feelings beyond politics. Time will see if Trump buys a vacation condo near Sochi.

  5. Ahem…!
    “Friday, December 14, 2018
    k.d. lang’s “Sleeping Alone (Live from the Majestic Theatre)” Released As “Landmarks Live” Special Debuts on PBS’s “Great Performances” “

  6. “The Interview: gay icon kd lang on why even she is baffled by our gender-fluid times.”
    “Madonna and I both benefited from the lesbian chic thing. But we never ‘did it’”. Interview by Chrissy Iley The Sunday Times, (London, UK) June 16 2019, 12:01am [ 1860 words ]

    …She is reportedly in a relationship with Heather Edwards, the estranged wife of the Canadian oil and gas mogul Murray Edwards, though Lang won’t confirm this. “I’m also in Calgary, where I’m basically just three hours from my mom, so it’s like returning home.”…

  7. k d lang: ‘I think Ingénue is a bit of a signpost culturally for the gay community’
    Yorkshire Post Published: 08:00 Friday 05 July 2019.

    k d lang is on an anniversary tour for her seminal 1992 album Ingénue. She talks to Duncan Seaman ahead of her Hull gig…..

  8. Hanna Hanra writes a profile “Interview” ‘I feel exhausted by being exposed’: kd lang on being a lesbian icon.” in The Guardian (London, UK). The Ingenue tour of Britain begins 13 July 2019.

  9. I see people are looking up scurrilous dirt of K D Lang, now that she did “Halleluja” in Sydney, Australia at the Rural Firefighters Service benefit concert in the ANZ stadium (they don’t get paid).
    “So moving! k.d. lang’s stunning performance of Hallelujah at Fire Fight Australia bushfire relief concert leaves host [37 year old Aussie TV comedian] Celeste Barber in tears” says Daily Mail (Australian on-line edition) 09:10 EST, 16 February 2020

  10. The “Fire Fight” concert album from Australia was released on Friday, with a K D Lang solo.

  11. “EW.com’s LGBTQ issue celebrates storytellers, icons, and Hollywood history.” Entertainment Weekly-13 May 2020

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