Ezra and Brian’s execrable adventure

All politics is yokel.
–Christopher Hitchens

Oh, dear, it looks like Ezra Levant’s Free Speechapaloser Tour of Western Canada is headed for the dumper.

The Sun Media personality, accompanied by chief fartcatcher Brian Lilley, was planning to take his free speech campaign to Red Deer, Swift Current and Penticton, Nov. 28 through Dec. 12.

But already the wheels are falling off the Levant-Lilley minstrel show.
They had to cancel the Saskabush leg of their crusade as locals stayed away in droves. The folks in Swift Current know a stiff when they see it and fewer than 30 seats had been sold at the local Legion Hall, capacity: 400.

Legion manager Sharon “Why do you need to know my last name?” told Frank that she got a call from “a woman from Toronto, someone named ‘Jessica,’ I think, and she cancelled.” [That would be Jessica Maga, Ezra’s personal events coordinator, who confirmed the cancellation and assured Frank that Ezra would return our call and provide more information. We’re still waiting.]

Levant and Lilley are nothing if not troupers, so it’s all systems go for this Friday’s gig in Red Deer–despite the fact only 63 tickets have been sold for the 278-seat Welikoklad Event Centre.

Perhaps the problem is the name of the joint. Or maybe the price of their free speech (VIP tickets are $110 a pop), or maybe it’s—(nah, it’s them!—ed.)

Meanwhile, at Penticton Legion 40, last stop on the Freedom Fries tour, someone named “Bill” answered the phone in the kitchen and said he hadn’t heard of anyone named Ezra speaking at the hall, Dec. 12.

“If that’s a Friday, then there’s bingo here at four o’clock. But maybe they can get set up in time for 7.30. I don’t know. Call back and ask Karen.”

Is this any way to treat “Canada’s Biggest Media Personality™?”

Er, yes.


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