Frank Fact. Those NDP MPs revealed!

Christine Moore
Christine Moore
Christine Moore

Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair today complained that two of his female NDP MPs had been victimized and revictimized by Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau in publicizing and republicizing the inappropriate behaviour complained of against two Liberal MPS who, [get on with it!—ed.)

Without further ado, the political opponents (hapless victims, shurely?!—ed.) who, in the end, didn’t bring complaints against MPs Scott Andrews and Massimo Pacetti, are:

Christine Moore, NDP MP for Abitibi-Temiscamingue and Charmaine Borg, NDP MP for Terrebonne-Blainville.

Another Frank public disservice.

UPDATE/CORRECTION: Frank originally fingered Charmaine Borg (Terrebonne—Blainville) and Christine Moore (Abitibi—Témiscamingue-Tabarnac), as the NDP MPs who anonymously touched off the shitstorm — with 50 per cent accuracy, as it turns out. The complaints were lodged by Moore and Alexandrine Latendresse (NDP-Louis-Saint-Laurent).

(Frank apologies to Borg for erroneously mixing her up in this Podunk fustercluck; Blake Richards has been struck in disgrace from the Frank source list.)


  1. I am disappointed to see frank outing these women. Would it not have been more fun outing the Liberal staffers who slipped frank this information. Come on guys

    • In this day and age, these MPs had no reasonable expectation of having their identities kept quiet forever. One way or another and like it or not, they would have been revealed sooner or later.

      • Can’t argue that. But who is pushing there names around with this much certainty? Is Frank’s journalistic integrity so high that the identities of their sources are so sacred?

        • Most people on Parliament Hill knew the identities of these MPs, so why shouldn’t the rest of us? Anyway, Frank Magazine isn’t claiming to be a shining beacon of integrity. Besides, it’s no big deal – these women aren’t “helpless victims”.

          As an aside, you should learn how and when to use the words “their” and “there”. You need a course in English composition.

          • Did you read my comment? or did you just scan for typos? I agreed that the women expected they’re names to be known once the issue became public, witch is very much the crux of the NDP’s bone with Trudeau. And my mention of Frank’s integrity was obviously sardonic.

        • No one so far is disputing the names of the NDP MPs. Besides, why are you so worried about them? The NDP is probably not worried about the reputations of the Liberal MPs whose names are being dragged through the mud. As for whoever leaked the names of those MPs, that’s not relevant, because there are almost certainly many sources. Also, leaking information to Frank, CTV, the Citizen, or anyone else is common practice on Parliament Hill. That’s the risk that the one NDP member took by raising the matter with Justin Trudeau in the first place, because she should have known that there aren’t many real secrets anymore.

  2. Mlle. Borg is quite pretty, but this is uncalled for.

    A friend complained to me that Monte Solberg was a total cad toward her when she ran the United Way contributions in the PCO. This is not by any means an isolated incident.

    And the feminists complain about #GamerGate…

  3. Disservice is right. This incarnation of Frank has, up to now, been very well-behaved, only exposing those who desperately need it. And seeing that there has been no shortage of these deserving weasels, skunks, Little Shits^TM und andere Schweinhunden in the last year I see no need to out these two women.

  4. These women might claim to be “victims” for a second time, but they aren’t at all concerned about the shredded reputations of Andrews and Pacetti. Ms. Borg and Ms. Moore were not and are not helpless victims – they could simply have warned the two men to leave them alone – or else threaten to inform their wives, etc. That would have been enough to force most men to back away from an ugly situation and probably would have been enough for the two Liberal MPs.

    • That would make too much sense. Best to stew for awhile, then play megavictim. Lots o’ wimmin like drama. If you can do what’s necessary to get yourself elected to Parliament, you can tell a guy where to go when he behaves improperly. (By the way, I am female.)

  5. I would have preferred to know exactly who told the media that the two women were NDP MPs, thereby setting off a shitstorm between Trudeau and Mulcair and their respective acolytes while Harpo sits back and rapes Canada.

  6. Good on you Frank! Everybody within twenty k of Parliament Hill could easily find out who the two women MPs were. This was a non-secret around the Hill. Why should only those in range of the Hill be privy? Somebody was going to go public with it. Why not Frank?

    • I agree, but there are so many bleeding hearts out there who think of these women as helpless victims. See my comment above.

      • I also notice that the source who effed up, upon a search, is an Alberta Conservative MP.

        Not only a weasel, but wrong.

  7. Sheesh, kids… settle down. I take FrankMag™ precisely because I want to know what everyone on the Hill already knows. Otherwise my only source would be Evanescent Grundy’s radio chat show, and clearly that won’t suffice. (The Mothercorpse has standards, don’cha know?) Anyhow, it’s easy for ignoramuses to winnow the field by scanning for hot* MPenislesses and pondering. FrankMag™’s outing is but the cherry on top.
    (*OK, Libbers: “hot”).

    As for suggesting that the proper way to handle this is telling creepers to go fuck themselves else you’ll rat… well, “unreconstructed” is too kind. Dinosaur much? The Ottawa Adult Daycare needs a sexual harassment policy to solve this. You know– kinda like the policies in place at every other goddamned workplace in the country.

    As for copy-editing cheapshottery, if I wanted to listen to a tedious grammarian I’d consult a librarian. Or Lynn Trusshoots-Andleaves. Whichever comes least.
    This is the fucking comment section of a satirical news magazine, not a poshpiece in The New Yorkerer. Man. Roll another phattie and take a load off, brohaime.

    (“Witch”? Nice. lmao, dude(ette))

  8. If they are heads up enough to run successfully for Parliament, then they are strong enough also to say, “Fuck Off!” at the time the alleged incident(s) happened. Anything less is to make them out as weak-kneed, cry baby Torys.

  9. Charmaine Borg was in the news in January when she complained that a conservative MP who accused her being whiny and inexperienced was misogynistic. Hate to say it, but she did come across as the sort of kid on the playground who was always running to the teacher to say that someone was being mean to her.

  10. Er, granted. But as we don’t have the details of these *particular* allegations, it’s a tad unchivalrous to doubt motives of the MPs who brought them forward. Small wonder they wanted to keep their names out of it, but having them doesn’t shed any further light on what might or might not have happened.

    Shurely someone around Trudeau would’ve weighed the political costs and benefits of over-reacting vs. sweeping it under the rug — they are, after all, Liberals. If the costliest option was something *other* than tossing two of their own over the side, then methinkst the exhumation will prove entertaining…

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