Selfie of the Week: Kimothy Walker–“He had the gun pointed at ME!”

Grandiose Exhibitionism includes ”self-absorption, vanity, superiority, and exhibitionistic tendencies” and people who score high on this aspect of narcissism need to be constantly at the centre of attention.
–Dr. Christopher Carpenter

Speaking of Kimothy Walker, the former CTV televisual personality-turned-PR flak was back in the semi-limelight this week, blowing her enormous trumpet.

The occasion was the return to Ottawa of Jeffrey Arenburg, who was found not criminally responsible on account of a mental disorder for the shooting death of beloved CJOH-TV sportscaster Brian Smith.

Kimothy’s last maunderings on the subject were posted on Facebook in August: “It was 1995. Brian Smith had just been shot…above his eyebrows. Later, I thought, ‘I am just grateful to be alive after [Jeffrey Arenburg] had that gun aimed at my head.’”

Arenburg had a different version of events, telling CBC’s the fifth estate earlier this year that he had been waiting outside CJOH with a 22-calibre rifle. When Smith stepped out of the building, Arenburg recognized him as a member of the media and shot him. “I had no beef with his family. He just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Here’s Kimothy’s version:

Dear loved ones: Thank you all for your personal messages about Ottawa’s newest resident and your concern for me. As many of you know, after court proceedings, he had the gun pointed at me…and then Brian Smith came along a minute later. I drove away — oblivious. Brian did not.

My life changed that day, forever and completely. If you’re on my FB, you know I live pretty fully. I chase adventure. I am ridiculous and bold and fearless for a woman “of my age”. I thank Brian Smith for that. He died. I lived. It needed to matter. I needed to do more.

When I heard several days ago about our newest resident I was initially filled with a sense of violation. How could you return to OUR city? How could you come HERE after what you have done? You ripped our town apart. I still remember the church bells and choking back tears beside James Duthie and not able to look at the coffin as it came up beside James in the aisle.

I remember walking around the sidewalk where it happened for YEARS (with Billy Paterson), my daily tribute to Smitty. I never, not once, walked on the spot where he was shot. I never looked at the window where the bullets went through.

I did calculate that if he had shot at me, at 5’8″ maybe Brian would be alive today because he was taller than me. Maybe he would have missed. I remember how the police officers put cardboard boxes over the blood that night so we wouldn’t see the results of a head injury. That was kind.

I read his sportscast. Then I bent over a toilet in the women’s washroom at midnight and begged for him to survive. He didn’t. He saved many others by donating his organs. I remember that funny smile and how he’d stare at the monitor a full 30 seconds before the camera would come on.

If you never saw a Brian Smith sportscast..particularly one at the EX…you don’t likely understand how the presence of his killer has now rocked this city. Brian was beloved.

But I will drive by the Mission. I will likely see that person. I will not be frightened in my own city by a man who scared it. And I will not say his name. Now…or ever…I wish him well in his recovery, but our newest resident needs to stay away for us…those who still mourn…and those who’s lives were changed forever when they got the call, “you need to come back to work….now”…

Selfie score:

“I” –26


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