They don’t call it a “caucus” for nothin’, toots!

I keep hearing how the country’s begun having an important conversation about sexual harassment.

I suppose if all we do is talk about it then no harm can come, but I hope some Sunday afternoon folks remember there’s lots of other important stuff out there we could hash out on Cross Country Check-Up. If anybody cares to listen I’ve got a thing or two to say about the Leafs goaltending situation.

One thing I think we can all agree on is that the NDP has the sexiest girl MPs.

Of course that’s down to Quebec; nobody in his right-wing mind would have said that back in Audrey and Alexa’s day.

There’s no reason to it, but not much sets an old, conservative heart a-beatin’ like a young thing with a head full of bad social policy.

And say what you like about the French lefties, but they wrote the book on hate fucking.

But seriously, I don’t like hearing these tales about mischief on the Hill.

What a Liberal does with a New Democrat on his own time is his affair, but when he’s at work I expect him to be all business.

Why can’t they be more like John Munro? The man wasn’t a saint by any stretch of the imagination, but even if he did bang Sheila Copps at least he had the decency to not stick us taxpayers with the bill.

Mulcair and the Dippers don’t like how Trudeau went public and I have to say I agree.

He ought to have been a regular guy about it and swept it under the rug.

Who’s gonna trust him to be a good wing man now? A fella wants to vote for a fella who’d have his back in a game of He Said, She Talked To The Cops.

Johnny Turner, now there was a Liberal what knew the meaning of omerta.

If Iona Campagnolo could talk, eh?

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  1. From an interesting and very full and Frank discussion with a (cynical) friend some years back, some politicians need to know the meaning of Omerta more than others. Friend discussed matters from a first (and second! Almost octopussian!) hand perspective.

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