Top 100 Wankers to Watch in 2015: Wankers 1-25

wankers-1-5 wankers-6-16 wankers-17-25


  1. Levant at Numero Uno. Of course…in a league by himself, really. In fact, Franksters, perhaps you should consider excluding Mothra from future wankspiels, in the same way hockey pools used to exclude Gretsky when he was in his prime.

    • OJM, I agree. Perhaps we should give poor Ezra a lifetime achievement award by renaming the “wankers” list the “Ezra” list and keeping his name from being included. In this manner when someone makes the list we can say that he/she won an “Ezra”, much like we’d say someone won an Oscar. Just thinkin’.

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