Eve ‘n Steven


10 comments on “Eve ‘n Steven
  1. reym says:

    What a great swerve! Did not see this coming in a million years. And some wonder why people are cynical about politics. Just looking at these two makes me want to take a shower. Ugh.

  2. bubbagreat says:

    Whadda pair! The best part is – they deserve each other! Go team!

  3. thisguy says:

    Tonight, when Justin sits down to google himself, it may start to dawn on him that this maybe wasn’t the best move.

  4. daejevoos says:

    It’s embarrassing!! What is Justin thinking or is he?!?! As a Liberal, I wouldn’t vote for her!!

  5. Techie says:

    WTF! I just about inhaled my morning coffee when I read the news this morning. She (and her beau) bring so much baggage — what could possibly be in it for Justine? Unless ……….. she knows lots’o dirt…..

  6. miskwabiman says:

    Voice from on high…..”EVE, LEAVE STEVE.”

  7. OJM says:

    Did you catch the Globe & Mail’s editorial on this? Watch yer asses, Franksters! The Moofin Man and his Front Street prats are coming after your organ’s market niche!

  8. daejevoos says:

    OJM – Link to this pleeease!