Eve ‘n Steven



  1. What a great swerve! Did not see this coming in a million years. And some wonder why people are cynical about politics. Just looking at these two makes me want to take a shower. Ugh.

  2. Tonight, when Justin sits down to google himself, it may start to dawn on him that this maybe wasn’t the best move.

  3. It’s embarrassing!! What is Justin thinking or is he?!?! As a Liberal, I wouldn’t vote for her!!

  4. WTF! I just about inhaled my morning coffee when I read the news this morning. She (and her beau) bring so much baggage — what could possibly be in it for Justine? Unless ……….. she knows lots’o dirt…..

  5. Did you catch the Globe & Mail’s editorial on this? Watch yer asses, Franksters! The Moofin Man and his Front Street prats are coming after your organ’s market niche!

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