Breaking: Secret Emergency Memos

From: McDonald, Mike
Sent: Monday, March 23, 2015 12:06 PM
Cc: McDonell, Patrick
Subject: Alert – Alert – Alert: Envelopes containing white powder / Alerte – Alerte – Alerte : Enveloppes contenants de la poudre blanche
Importance: High

DATE: March 23, 2015

TO: All Honourable Senators and Senate Staff

FROM: Mike McDonald, Director, Protective Service

SUBJECT: Alert – Alert – Alert: Envelopes containing white powder

The Senate Protective Service has just been notified that envelopes containing an unknown white powder have been received at two separate Senator’s offices (East Block and Victoria Building).

The envelopes and their contents have been secured. The return address on the envelopes is marked: “Ottawa shooting”.

The RCMP has been notified and will conduct immediately the necessary follow-up. Our mail services team has also been advised to watch for such envelopes.

Unless your mail is from a confirmed source – we ask that you do not open it.

You should also be aware that no employees are showing signs of illness from having been in contact with these envelopes.

If you believe you have a suspicious package, do not open it and contact immediately the SPS Ops Center at 613-992-2265.

We will keep you posted on any new developments.

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  1. Two comments. First, the white powder was forensically identified as dandruff from Mike Duffy’s fringe. Second, the good news is that the Senate only receives around two outside letters a week, and even then is seldom opened.

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