Eve Adams’ Rare Triple: All Thumbs Review/Twidiocy/Braunnose

Eve Adams, MP @MPEveAdams – Mar 24
Looking for work? Canada is in a slump. TD expects employment growth to go from a dismal 0.6% year over year to, uninspiring 0.8% in 2015.

Eve Adams, MP retweeted
Rob Silver @RobSilver  – Mar 24
So Harper has the worst non-recession job growth since we’ve kept records & GDP growth is projected down to .5% this quarter. Quite a record

Eve Adams, MP @MPEveAdams – Aug 22
Canada continues to enjoy AAA credit! (Fitch Ratings) Ongoing economic success, due to strong leadership! #cdnpoli

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One comment on “Eve Adams’ Rare Triple: All Thumbs Review/Twidiocy/Braunnose
  1. mmedesevigne says:

    Blithering, yet understandable. When you belong to a political party the way MPs do, you tend to toe the Party Line. Different Party, different Line. Same BS, however.

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