Globe reporter does the Duffy shuffle, or: How to Get Ahead in Jernalism

First it was Parliament Hill hacks Mark Bourrie and Althia Raj getting slammed on social media for allegedly being a little too tight with Mike Duffy.curry

Now Globe and Minion hack Bill Curry is on the hot seat for toadying too close to Sen. Accused in connection with a controversial story about Duffy’s interference in the 2011 PEI election.

For years, former Premier Robert Ghiz and his Liberal henchthingies suspected that Duffy masterminded a Globe front-pager with allegations from three Island women who had worked on the PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) file.

According to the Sept. 15, 2011 story by Curry and Oliver Moore, the women claimed they received envelopes stuffed with cash from Chinese immigrants hoping to get their passports approved.

This was during the last days of the PNP program in ’08, before the Tories shut it down.

A Charlottetown Guardian report last weekend said Duffy orchestrated the timing of “the story with Island Conservatives, his P.E.I. assistant, the three women and a Globe reporter.

“It was an obvious scheme by the Tory pit bull to torpedo the provincial Liberals re-election chances.”

Duffy’s calendar entries in the run-up to the Oct. 3, 2011 election reveal he and Curry were much connected:

Sept. 13, 2011:11 :00 AM: Mary McQuaid – Conf call Martie Murphy / Bill Curry Martie wants to speak to PM re: PNP

Sept. 17, 2011: 10:52 AM 10:57 AM Telcon – Mary McQuaid, Bill Curry.

Sept. 19, 2011: 11 :00 AM 11 :05 AM Call Bill Curry re response to Paul MacNeill (PEI reporter sniffing out rats.)

Sept. 27, 2011: 4:30AM 4:35AM Send emails to Andy Walker with lines for PNP inquiry+ plea to Colleen O’Brien and Wayne Carver to speak to Bill Curry of Globe & Mail

Nov. 23, 2011: 8:25 AM 8:30 AM Copy Olive Crane (PEI Tory party leader) file for Bill Curry.

He that lieth down with dogs…


  1. With Paul MacNeill of the Eastern Graphic newspaper, blogger Rob McEachern of redlikeme.ca and of course Frankmag.ca, perhaps the rats won’t have it all their way this time.

    I just cannot understand how the Mop and Pail became such a cruddy hackjob in (so it seems) almost no time.

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